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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Resources to optimize photos for the web

Resources to optimize photos for the web

Think of a website without images is almost impossible. Today, if you somehow manage content, we have to accompany it with something visual to ensure a good impact. But often we find that we do not know exactly how to make an image processing that is in tune with the type of work we do. So today we will show you some resources to optimize images for the web.

We will try to keep it very simple. For a graphic designer or web, the things we say today are yesterday’s news, but for someone who needs to lose weight images to put on your blog can be very helpful. Sometimes we meet weight limits, for example in Facebook, or need to crop an image is not distorted (eg in the case of the cover photos of the popular social network).


If we have a quite heavy, we can edit it using Photoshop. This image editing suite is very complete, and can do many other things with it besides lowering the weight of the image. But since it is our task to do a course in photo editing, we will focus on the possibilities of the program website. actually has a function that allows us to save your photos for web.

To optimize a photo for the web, we first have to open it, and then click File. There we will find the “Save for Web & Devices”:

Once we do this, we will have a new window where you can select options. Here we have to select in the top box, JPG format, and then we can choose the quality of the image. It is important that we select the profile “Progressive”. All this information is located on the right side panel:

Resources to optimize photos for the web image 2

When we finished and we’ll give you save an optimized image.

To crop an image we can use Photoshop, not difficult. But we will always have Photoshop handy, so we now focus on some web resources.


To save time when we are not on our computer, we can use this web application that can save lives, metaphorically. Croppola is fast, but also gives suggestions for how to crop an image to have a composition worth. The process is simple, select a picture from the browser, boarded, and we will meet with the suggestions below:

Resources to optimize photos for the web image 3

We can take the advice, or crop the photo as we like. Below we have the button to download the image to your computer and cropped.


Another of the top online publishers we have in the market. This is a free alternative that can also download for Android and iOS. With Pixlr have several options beyond adjusting the size, weight and color. We can, in the same manner as Photoshop, create layers to add effects to the image.

Resources to optimize photos for the web image 4

The assimilated enough to use the Adobe program: a palette side where we find all the tools at our disposal. When we finished the editing process, you can select the saved image.

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