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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet |

Restore deleted files on SkyDrive

Restore deleted files on SkyDrive

In the world of cloud services, there are a few branches that are more popular than others, and are actually used by that name. For example, we have the applications that allow us to do things that previously needed to complete programs. An example is Google Docs and other office automation suites dedicated to the sector. Another, no doubt, is the world of cloud storage, a good idea not only for storing important content, but to keep them under control and sharing.

Always controversial, as we had to have our files on an external server in privacy but we promise that we will not ever be sure, there are several services that stand out from others. For example, Dropbox, one of the most popular, but if you ask me today what their true competitor-and there are many, I’d say it’s SkyDrive.

is a product that has been in business a long time that today is one of the products in the cloud star of Microsoft, a company that certainly guarantees and can afford to offer even higher capacities and capabilities using the standard service. Of course, this does not pound controversial and that we address the question of whether one day it will be too late to return to offline storage, something I’d like to return in another article.

Returning to [SkyDrive] , it is one of the most popular cloud computing because Microsoft has managed to update it, and almost every week new features are released gradually take away that great prominence to DropBox. One of the latest is the functionality thanks to which we can recover files deleted.

Restore deleted files on SkyDrive image 2

The proposal is exactly the same as that of the same functionality on Windows systems. When you delete a file, by default we send to the Recycle Bin, where it maintains a while until we decided to delete it permanently, or is the deadline and is automatically deleted.

Therefore, from now on we can restore files deleted by mistake, or that we have repented clear. And the way to do this is really simple:

  • Go to the Recycle Bin
  • Select the file you want to restore
  • Use the restore option (or restore, in English)

Automatically we will have taken back the file to its original site. Of course, alternatively we can delete the file or files forever.

As last words, but now that the Recycle Bin is a way to safeguard your files should eliminate that error, we must be vigilant. Depending on the capacity we have used the total of our own, before or after Microsoft permantemente form.

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