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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Features, Tablets |

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A510

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A510

The Acer Iconia Tab A510 is an Android tablet that stands out for the great hardware that integrates. Although this was presented at the CES in January, began selling in June just before the London Olympics.


The Acer Iconia Tab A510 is a tablet that you take very good hands. The back looks a little rough, is a mixture of leather and rubber, which especially helps ergonomics and improved grip feeling. Thanks to these materials feel safe and not fear slipping.

Its construction is quite robust, even if it is plastic, it seems to be very durable. Not everything that is plastic is bad. In addition, I note that the edges are covered the same material as the back. It’s rubbery, which surely would help absorb some potential impacts. The idea of adding additional protection to the edges is very successful when used for daily or just when transported. In general, greater mobility entails greater wear.

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A510 image 2

Meanwhile black highlight the left and right for its silver cover. In this way, manage to break the monotony of the tablet. Yet, while I used I just barely noticed.

In the top left edge is located lock button and a slot to connect headphones minijack. Furthermore, we found the right edge micro-HDMI port for connecting to external displays and a slot for micro-SD cards. Open the latter is somewhat delicate since it is bound by a small hook that seems to be out anytime. We know that we will not open very often but would have welcomed them to put something tougher case.


This tablet has a 10.1 inch screen with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. All this results in about 149 dpi. Using it I noticed it right away. The image is not as sharp as I would like. Personally, for ordinary use will not give us any problems, but if we are used to screens with better resolution will notice a major setback.

16:10 The screen has both advantages and disadvantages. When used vertically often becomes a plus. For example, to query Twitter is much appreciated because most tweets come on the screen. But in landscape mode seems very long and hard to write with two fingers as we have to make a great effort to get to the letters that are in the middle.

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A510 image 3

The panel is mounted this LCD tablet is missing and that is something best as could be the case of the election of an IPS panel. Every day there are more on the devices due to its good results. Personally, I think it right to incorporate a processor as good if not then supplement it with a screen that will match.

Experience of use

By using this tablet I felt that is very fluid. It must be said that the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad-core applications moves with great ease. Furthermore, switching between them is executed in a fast and clean. Simply click on the windows icon in the bottom left bar to be deployed all we have open.

Although this bar is very useful, sometimes a good idea to disappear for a full screen experience. This view is reinforced by the fact that the screen is very long and this barrier as space giving the feeling that it is much closer than it actually is. However, not the fault of the tablet but Android.

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A510 image 4


We all know that cameras are complementary inputs into tablets as it is not their primary function. Yet, have incorporated a 5 MP camera with autofocus on the back and a 1 MP front to make video calls.

The rear camera, like most, misses a lot in low light conditions. It lacks some detail. When more light performs better but still lacks sharpness. Below you will see a photo where half is the sun and the other in the shade so that you may prove yourselves.

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A510 image 5

The front camera fulfills its basic function to communicate via video. According to the people I have spoken, I saw a blur. However, I have criticized the sound quality more perceived sentencing my voice something metallic.


This tablet has the standard communication options for a product of this nature. It has WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR. Remember that the Iconia Tab was launched in June, now many models incorporate Bluetooth Bluetooth 3.0 and even 4.0. It also has miniHDMI port and another to connect headphones. The model I tested is WiFi only but another version is also available that incorporates 3G for those who need to access the Internet anywhere.

Review: Acer Iconia Tab A510 image 6


The battery of the Acer has behaved very well while I used. It has a capacity of 9800 mAh and holds more than a day of heavy use. If we did not use too can last several days. I’ve noticed that the battery takes to download but, in the same way, charging is a very slow process.



The Acer Iconia Tab A510 is a great tablet with great features but with some shortcomings at a time.

Overall, the ergonomics of the device I liked it. The rough and rubbery rear fits perfectly hands thus providing a good grip feeling.

The screen fulfills its mission but also excels. Personally, it’s a shame because it is the primary means to interact with the device.

In general, it is very smooth to use thanks to the large processor Nvidia Tegra 3 incorporates. Perhaps one of the main points of the tablet.

The camera is basic and serves to save us some trouble. Like everything else, this part of the hardware is also improved but not for anything critical since it is only a supplement.

In short, the Acer Iconia Tab A510 tablet is good but with some areas for improvement. I look forward to the next version.

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