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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Features, Multimedia |

Review: Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store

Review: Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store

The music found online for driving a vehicle, and you will not leave there. Since that happened, services like Spotify have emerged, seeking a new way to distribute music over the Internet, proposing a revenue model for artists and record labels. A few weeks ago, Google presented us their music platform, Google Play Music , and because of that, we wanted to also review a similar service, Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store .

With over a million albums sold in Spain, in October opened its Amazon MP3 Store, which was made available to users along the Amazon Cloud Player service, for playback on different devices both purchased music as we already have in our own music library.

Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon’s service is very similar in function and appearance to Google Play Music, but the big difference is the amount of original songs that we can import to the cloud: Amazon Cloud Player lets us climb 250 free, while Google Play Music this quantity is 20,000. If we import more songs in the Amazon service, we can pay up to 250.000 € 24.99 per year. The songs are imported with a quality of 256 Kbps.

Based on our Amazon account, the service we offer to create a library where you can import the songs to make them available via the web or downloaded in both PC and Mac as on the following devices: Kindle Fire, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and that Android use.

Getting Started

Going into Amazon cloud player must use your Amazon account. Once you have created your player, you’ll see an empty bookcase, with what the system gives you two options: import your music (up to 250 songs for free) or buy it at the Amazon MP3 Store.

Review: Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store image 2

If you choose Import, you must download a program, Amazon Music Importer, using the link provided there. The songs importer works with Adobe Air, so if you have not installed or updated, is something you should consider. Installation takes a while if all goes well and from there you can start to import your music library, it automatically appears on the web and on devices that have authorized.

Review: Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store image 3

File formats compatible with the Amazon Music Importer are:

  • . Mp3-standard file format without DRM protection (includes files purchased from Amazon MP3 Store)
  • . M4a – AAC files (Windows and Mac, including files purchased from the iTunes store) and Apple Lossless files * (Mac OS only)
  • . Wma * – Files Windows Media Player (Windows only)
  • . WAV – uncompressed music files
  • . Ogg * – Ogg Vorbis audio files
  • . Flac * – File format Free Lossless Audio Codec
  • . Aiff * – Audio Format Audio Interchange

In cases marked with an asterisk, the import Amazon always match their catalog.

To authorize the 10 devices that lets the service, go to your account settings. You can override the authorization of a device, but that space will take 30 days to become available. Once a year, Amazon allows you to delete all authorized devices immediately.

When finished importing, see your library and you can start listening to your music. You have different options for search: songs, albums, artists, genres, purchased, imported or lists you want to do. Since each song also have options to edit the song information, add it to a playlist, download, delete or share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Review: Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store image 4

By sharing data mentions the song you’re listening and includes a link where you can listen to the first few seconds of the song.

As we see, one option is to download the music we have in the library, either purchased or imported previously. In the tests did not show traces of DMR, so pleased to see that this system is also transparent to the user and can be installed in any device which can play the file.

Review: Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store image 5

To download it without going issue by issue, Amazon provides us with another little program, the Amazon MP3 Downloader. We preconfigure from the settings if you want to run automatically downloads to buy new music. We can also define if you download directly to iTunes or folder that we define.

MP3 Store

As he usually does Amazon, dangerously for our budget, buying is easy and almost instantaneous, even in music, and the songs are downloaded instantly buy our player.

There are over one million albums to choose from in the MP3 Store, but if you are just entering Paul Alborán, do not be discouraged. Also in music, Amazon knows what they prefer their users and therefore, one of the best things about your store are their recommendations. You can make a few seconds previewing the songs before buying, something that may be of interest to new music hunters.

Review: Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store image 6

Prices start from €0.99 per song, and most albums are around 10 euros, but Amazon also lets us choose by price and there are 3 album selections at special prices: less than 2.99 euros , from 3 to 5.99 euros and 6 to 9.99 euros. In many cases, prices are much cheaper buying the whole album.

Review: Amazon Cloud Player and MP3 Store image 7


Like other Amazon services, have taken care of the user experience also in its MP3 store, making all procurement processes are fast and efficient. If we add to include your music in the ecosystem that Amazon has created, seems a very good solution for those who use their audio devices that have built.


The variety of his catalog is extremely interesting and adds many points for me to this service. You can easily find almost any genre or artist you seek. Doing a few searches I found artists and albums I had not seen in other similar services. Download works equally well after buying items or disks: are practically instantaneous, and give us the peace of mind that we can take them into any device or folder.

I miss a space that gives artists the possibility to strangers so they can upload their own music, or some similar system recommendations.

The 250 songs that I can incorporate free fall a bit short when compared with the impressive number of 20,000 Google Play Music, but on the other hand, the availability of the library on all devices, including iOS, is something that has not (yet) Google, at least natively.

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