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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Features, Guides / Tips |

Review: Circa News App

Review: Circa News App

Reading news is one of the most common practices we have. Whether through paper, electronic media, RSS reader and even social networking in some form or another as internet users are constantly bombarded with news that we have no time to process in our heads. To change this dynamic comes Circa News App , an iPhone application that allows us to deconstruct the major news wires now.

Circa differential value lies in healing that make content editors, responsible for collecting the information, and process to be divided in its essentials, such as appointments, events, photographs and more. Basically, it is a news reader that saves us the time of having to read parallel information that does not help us much. In addition, the news is updated regularly so we go just hearing about news happening. For this, we just have to “follow” a story to be notified of new additions.

Circa After being tested for a long time, we must admit that the idea is more than interesting. It saves a lot of processing time, and although it can be worked a little more, especially with respect to the interface, is a very novel to read the news. Many times it takes away the opportunity to analyze the facts for ourselves, but for that we have other news aggregators.

The installation

Circa no cost and can be installed from App Store on iPhone as well iPad-but keep in mind that its interface is not designed for the larger screen of the iPad. We have two options for the first time when we enter the application: either create an account, or continue to use it without creating a new account. It is more advisable to opt for the first option. If we have to create an account, we are able to do so or to an email or through Facebook Connect, which is an aggregate super convenient.

Once we have created our own, we will briefly the main features of the app, which is not bad if we have no idea what it is. Then we will be taken to a page with the most important news of the day, selected by the team of editors. Right now, for example, the presidential debate in the United States is the hottest. We’ll take it to see how it works.

Reading histories

When selecting one of the stories, we will be taken to the main screen, where doing swype down we will have access to the underlying facts of each story. To follow a story and know when you upgrade, we have to push the button “continue” at the top right corner of the app. Stories can also be shared through various media with the share button, also located on the top bar.

  • To read the mini individual stories, we have to use your fingers just above the text area. But pass automatically to the next “fact” of history. This is a little uncomfortable but it can handle.
  • The sources of the articles are available with the button “information” at the top bar. Each of the sources has a link for users to check the references Circa editors.
  • When sharing, we can choose between the full story or only a part thereof. You can share, for the moment, only on Facebook and Twitter.

Some comments

As we said, we’ve been testing Circa for a while, and that’s how we come up with a list of pros and cons for using the application. Then run with the positives.

  • The good thing is that Circa has a stunning simplicity, anyone can use it and follow news.
  • The interface is super clear and not have too many options to confuse the user. Share, read, follow news and nothing else. Thus has a limited number of buttons that can be learned in a matter of minutes.
  • The writing-for now Circa is available only in English, is very effective and gives us a glimpse of what is happening without having to waste time reading the full articles.
  • The healing of the content is also very well done, giving us access to sources, and taking seriously the work, publishing largely adequate and verified previously.

And we also have to mention the bad things, which unfortunately can not escape Circa.

  • Although the contents are well cured, Circa has no internationally. so almost all news are in English and are related to the United States. There’s nothing wrong, but were limited to us as international users.
  • The interface is so simple that it ends up being boring. We can learn to use the application in a few minutes, but at the same time we ended up getting bored.
  • Another problem of the interface is its readability. Many times the separation in sections of the stories becomes confused and ended up moving to a new part of the story instead of scrolling within which we were reading. The space could be utilized differently, as well Flipboard has done in the past.
  • You can only share in two social networks, without the possibility of, for example, share on LinkedIn or through email.
  • The update of the news, from what we could see, is quite slow even though we are following such a story.


Although Circa News application has a list of pros barely longer than the list of cons, as international users unfortunately we can not help but notice the strong presence of U.S. news. If you are fans of international politics, it will be a great addition to our iPhone. If we are looking for local news, then this app is not for us.

However, beyond these limitations, Circa is just beginning and has much potential. Its readability is what makes it simply wonderful. I heard all about the elections in the United States just by reading. And allow push notifications to always be aware, but we are not paying too much attention.

7,5 / 10

In short, if you do not have problems with English and want to be more informed on all social and political vicissitudes of the world, Circa News app is a must on your iPhone. The idea is great and we hope to continue to develop the interface that is increasingly full and allow us to enhance and improve our user experience. Meanwhile, it’s quite simple to use, a feature that can not be extended to other news aggregators.

In this gallery you can find some screenshots of the application, showing the operation of the same:

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