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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Features, Reviews |

Review: Galaxy Note II

Review: Galaxy Note II

The Samsung II is a terminal that was presented at the IFA 2012 and went on sale in Spain on October 4. It is a hybrid between mobile and tablet, has an intermediate size, which brings together some incredible features. Next, we analyze it.


As we opened the box the Galaxy Note II , the first thing we notice is its size. Used to use mobile environment at 4 inches, this 5.5-inch panel impresses. However, the dimensions from the first model have hardly changed. Indeed, they have managed to reduce the thickness and width of the phone, has only grown a little long. Furthermore, making space are optimized smaller edges extend to the surface of the screen.

Review: Galaxy Note II image 2

When picked up in the hand, we realize that it is fairly light, is not at all heavy and that he has put on some weight, weighs 5 grams more than the Galaxy Note original: 183 grams. Significantly design with rounded corners get the terminal appear smaller than it really is. However, when we started to use it to handle with one hand is a challenge. It’s possible, yes, but you have to make much effort to get to the corners, but it all depends on how they are our fingers. We are walking down the street, and the difficulty rises, in my opinion, I prefer to hold it with one hand and use the other to go safer.

Review: Galaxy Note II image 3

As regards the materials used, are of poor quality, having a very strong and very good feeling transmitted to the touch. However, when we remove the back cover is very thin and bends easily, but when putting is very solid.


One of the highlights of the Galaxy Note II is the screen. It enjoys a high quality thanks to the Super AMOLED technology that incorporates the same mobile highlight the brand: the Samsung Galaxy S III . 5.5 inch screen has a resolution of 1280×768 pixels, giving a 267 pixels per inch density versus 306 Galaxy S III because the surface is larger. However, it performs very well and is worthy of belonging to the high end. The colors I have drawn much attention, are much more vivid than in the Galaxy S also has a Super AMOLED screen, compared to the maximum brightness on both devices.

Review: Galaxy Note II image 4


Many times when we go out, the only camera we carry is our smartphone. In this case the Galaxy Note II offers exceptional image quality with Exmor R 8 megapixel and autofocus. In the front part has 1.9 megapixel camera designed to perform quality videoconferencing. Provides the ability to record video at 720p.

Review: Galaxy Note II image 5

The camera has features that are typical such as panoramas, HDR, detecting smiles, etcetera. The first time you take a photo burst mode surprised me. Is standard, making the Galaxy Note II and subsequent quick photos while holding down the trigger. If you want to take a single photo, pulsadlo only a brief moment, but you can always disable this mode from the menu to shoot as always.

On the video, the main camera records at a resolution of 1080p at 30 fps. Below you will see a video that I recorded:

S-Pen, best friend

What really sets the Galaxy Note II is a conventional mobile phone that incorporates the stylus: S-Pen. The previous model was not fully adapted to use with the stylus, however, this has been designed especially for the interaction as comfortable as possible at all times.

Review: Galaxy Note II image 6

It is an ordinary stylus. In fact, when it is detected the display is showing a centimeter or less a point therein. And that is very useful, for example, when approached by the Mail application, we deployed a window so we can read the whole thing. Similarly, in the calendar application if you approach a preview of the event and finally if we click we can open for editing. The downside is that this technology is applied in some preinstalled applications, not all.

The typing experience with him has been very positive, this being very realistic. Depending on whether more or less pressed stroke was thicker or thinner. As for handwriting recognition, it has worked perfectly, even got some mathematical formulas.

Review: Galaxy Note II image 7

Curiously, the phone tells us when we get the S-Pen, and when we return to reintroduce it.


The voice assistant Samsung, S-Voice, is fitted as standard. It is an application that recognizes our voice in order to perform actions such as calling a contact, write a message, search Google what comes to mind, open the camera, set an alarm, an event point, ie , all you can think of and more. It is the responsibility of Siri in iOS.

As for the voice recognition is no problem, however, when an answer fails to give us a bit. When you do not know that answer us, always gives us seek what we asked in Google. However, it works pretty well and I was convinced, and somewhat reluctant to use these applications.

Review: Galaxy Note II image 8


The battery life is a very important point when choosing a mobile device. I should mention that the autonomy of this phone I was pleasantly surprised. It has a battery of 3100 mAh which from claims to be able to withstand 35 hours of continuous use on 3G 2G while in about 16 hours. Those numbers are staggering compared with other phones, in my case, I hold one day barely. However, with the Galaxy Note II did not have to be reducing the brightness or use less for aguantase me all day. Moreover, when he had always turned a 30-40 per cent. Be aware that everything depends on this newsletter, I will take some more and some less.



The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a 5.5-inch phablet with incredible technical features. Some will find it too big and others, however, small, all up to what you like and what you to be looking. I must say that I fit nicely in pockets, being so thin not bulky almost nothing.

The display of this device is its strength, Super Amoled with some amazing colors. The camera is not far behind and has a very good quality, keep in mind that is Sony. Beyond that, the S-Pen makes it the perfect item to take quick notes at all times.

The Galaxy Note II price remains around 600€, which corresponds to a high range. It is a leading terminal Android Jelly Bean, powerful and to consider whether we like large screens combined with excellent autonomy.

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