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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Features, Reviews |

Review: Headphones Panasonic RP-HXD5

Review: Headphones Panasonic RP-HXD5

This October comes to Spain a new range of Panasonic headphones with a very attractive design and excellent sound quality. For now, the only ones are market models and HXD5 HDX3 but have already confirmed that in 2013 new line extended HXD. For my part, I tested the HXD5 and then I present my analysis.

First contact

As we take the headset out of the box, we realize the great work he has done in paragraph design and this very attractive and elegant. This aspect have cared much for the product to highlight and catches our eye from the first moment.

In these headphones highlights the minimalist look. The brand logo is at the bottom of each side of the headband in a small, predominantly white and color throughout the product without any element of distraction. Thanks to this, the HXD5 headphones become especially conspicuous and colorful.

In an environment of low light, we see the reflection of the mirrors with chrome exterior parts in actually giving the feeling of glow in the dark. Again, is the work of the great work they have developed in their aesthetics.

Moreover, the earpads are leatherette, very soft to the touch and give us a feeling of total comfort when we are over the ears.

Review: Headphones Panasonic RP-HXD5 image 2

Sound Quality

These headphones include not only in design but also in the sound as it is their main function. This high quality thanks to the controller unit 40 mm. And frankly it shows, when we perceive music listening and surround sound clear. As there is no perfect product, we have found that this misses a little outside noise isolation. When we are listening to music at low excess hear everything going around, however, if the problem up the volume decreases considerably. I do not mean to be annoying, just to have it in mind in case you want to use them in a very noisy environment.

Review: Headphones Panasonic RP-HXD5 image 3


I was able to test the RP-HDX5 headphones for more than six hours straight on a long trip, allowing me to reach several conclusions. One is that described in the previous section, it is noise cancellation, which is not quite optimal since sounded quite what was happening around me. Naturally, when the volume received less clutter outside but not completely solved.

Every head is a world, and these headphones fit you or you are wrong but adjust to your exact measurement is impossible, it is a standard size. People who have a large head is not well because they only cover the top of the ear, leaving the bottom open. This problem was solved with a tiara larger or adding the option that everyone can set it to your liking.

I would stress that these headphones are medium size, not completely cover the entire ear and after a few hours it shows. Wearing them a long time ago that we warm ears and feel crushed. I stress that this is a very personal feeling and it depends on the anatomy of each person, some people sit well and others worse. However, for routine short trips down the street are suitable, comfortable to wear and with a right size.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that when we hear music, the immediate environment realizes what we are hearing is heard as pretty from the outside, in fact the one sitting next to always know which song we’re listening .

It is true that I have said up to after prolonged use ears begin to feel somewhat uncomfortable. However, I must admit that the padded headband pad that is in contact with the head is very comfortable.

Review: Headphones Panasonic RP-HXD5 image 4


Panasonic Headphones HXD5 enjoy incredible sound quality thanks to its 40 mm speaker diameter. The impedance marked on the official website is 43 ohms, and sensitivity is 107 dB / mW. As for the length of the cable, this is in the right and we will not have any problems since it measures 1.20 meters.

This is a completely personal opinion but I firmly believe it would have been a good idea that the cable could connect only to a headset instead of the two in order to achieve greater comfort in everyday use.

Furthermore, this model is available in two colors, white or black.

Review: Headphones Panasonic RP-HXD5 image 5



The HXD5 is a headset with a minimalist look elegant and exquisite design and urban. In addition to highlighting the aesthetics, the sound is not far behind, and this will be of excellent quality that will not disappoint anyone through the aperture of 40 mm it has.

A party where you could have worked a little more is in the setting, the headphones are made for specific heads, or you are good or bad you are, you can not extend the headband to fit your head.

If you want to use the headphones for several hours at these probably are not the most suitable. However, for daily drive these headphones are ideal. The size is perfect to carry with you all the time anywhere, fit almost anywhere.

If you wish to buy them, are on sale for 55 euros .

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