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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Features, Technology |

Review: iPod Touch 5G

Review: iPod Touch 5G

In 2001, forever revolutionized the music industry. It was the year that introduced the iPod, a device whose main slogan was “1000 songs in your pocket.” Nothing was ever the same since, and began the decline for discman and walkman, although the latter were then almost extinct.

In 2007 he was presented the Touch, a device with a large multi-touch screen and a single button control, like the iPhone. Today we have its fifth version, after not been updated in two years. And he has made it big.


The first thing that strikes the iPod Touch 5G when we take it out of the box is so thin and light it is. Weighing only 88 grams, and is the same width as the iPhone 5 (5.86 cm), and only 0.04 inches shorter (12.34 vs. 12.38 cm). Its thickness impacts: only 0.61 cm. Fifteen millimeters from the iPhone 5, which has already made a bulwark of its thinness.

The design of this iPod is the biggest leap from previous generations. Apart from the measures, stressed that Apple finally removed the rear chrome of this range present in the four previous versions, and is bordered with a lot of ease. Instead, it has introduced an aluminum in various colors. Are the models with white front (and rear yellow, blue, red, silver or pink), and black (black back). Except pink and yellow, I like fairly these new color finishes.

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 2

The finish is great, it feels very light in the hand and is incredibly thin, no sense of fragility to forward. Apple also has finished taking less straight lines and curved edges with the iPod Touch, design always liked more than previous generations with the back oval. This is by far the most beautiful iPod Touch Apple has done, has not always managed to overcome and it does not have to see the mess they have made with the design and interface of the new iPod nano. Surely only put a minus: the ring of the camera protruding from the case, being more prone to scratches or scrapes.

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 3


The screen is exactly the same as the iPhone 5. It’s a 4-inch IPS panel diagonally with a resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels, which gives a density of 326 dpi, which automatically puts beyond comparison to any other media player, and it equates to only tablets that outweigh lot size.

The size has increased compared to the classical 3’5 inches above the iPod Touch or iPhone to the 4S. To Apple’s priority has always been that your screen can be operated with one hand, and have maintained despite increase to 4 inches. However, I have a large hand with long fingers, and perhaps smaller hands to reach them cost more scroll down the notification center, for example.

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 4

The oleophobic cover remains in place, as we have come from Apple iPhone 3GS, and is more than effective. In my iPhone 4 already gone, and the difference is quite noticeable when comparing the touch and the ability to retain grease or dust on a screen that retains.

I think no need to add how incredibly good it looks. As in the case of the iPhone 5, has eliminated a layer between the touch panel and display. It has gained the feeling that directly touch the icon with your finger, without the glass between.


Apple took four generations to incorporate the camera to the iPod Touch. When he did, there was an understandable disappointment that the photographs were taken back bad. The video, at 720p, were somewhat better, but neither were any wonder. In any case, it was a good idea to take pictures with the iPod Touch 4G due to poor quality. Review: iPod Touch 5G image 5

Apple has managed to recover. Camera iPod Touch 5G is pretty good, I was surprised especially its behavior in artificial light environments, which works quite better than my iPhone 4 even though the camera of both is very similar. This is due to new hybrid infrared filter, also present in the iPhone 5.

His opening Æ’ / 2.4 lets you take photos with shallow depth of field to emphasize focus area (it is advisable to lock the focus, pressing and hold that area). Results so were impossible in previous Touch. Some, especially without a very intense natural light, sin because it appears some noise in them.

iOS 6 brought the novelty of the panoramic photos. 240 snapshots to show large areas in a single image (and the lens of a camera so small it is impossible to show a normal photo). Apps for iOS already offering the same, as Dermandar or 360 Panorama, but the results are simply better native application.

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 6

Catches are very fast. Although iOS camera unfortunately has very few options, unlike that of Android, and we have the option to capture bursts of images, you can take pictures almost instantly followed. Videos also depend on natural light, popping noise As we are in low or shaded areas.

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 7

The night shots are not bad, but far to rave. The flash does a lot with photos within walking distance, to distinguish objects and people, but an LED flash has limitations in representing colors or maintain sharpness. With respect to the front chamber serves for the obvious and FaceTime videoconferencing. Self-portraits, not unless we ask quality and natural light is best made by turning the iPod. At the end of the post you an extensive gallery of photos taken with the iPod Touch 5G.


As you know, the Earpods are new Apple headphones, to what I’ve been slow to pay attention since it was my iPod, and one of the things that surprised me. There were too many expectations put on them, but the difference between these and the above is abysmal. I’ve used both the iPod and the iMac, to listen to music at 320 Kbps, and FLAC format. A lack of testing low range of Sennheiser in-ear, I think that there is hardly a headset in its price range, $29.

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 8

Its design is to consider its Achilles heel. And here is where the form loses to function, conversely to the above core Apple headphones, I consider aesthetically beautiful. The EarPods remind me of a hair, it is clear that the way the change for the new internal engineering to bring the sound directly into the ear, but hopefully it will not take long to review the design. In any case, the sound is fantastic, pass them to the above is like moving from a Retina display to one that is not.

Belt Loop

One of the things that surprised us with its launch, was the mysterious silver button that was in the back, and it turned out to be a button retractable tie belt loop, a new strap that is included with every iPod Touch, just Housing color.

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 9

Not convinced me too then, not too far convinces me. It is an extra that does not bother if we decide not to wear, though. And I do not like, other than that I have not seen times like to use (except perhaps having him caught taking photos in case I fall), because it always has a tendency to


The iPod Touch 5G, in performance, I was not disappointed at all. It is capable of running games and heavy applications in a completely smooth and satisfying. On my iPhone 4 I’m starting to notice some slowdown in the applications that make use of the graphics processor, or an excess of time to open some. The A5 processor can handle this iPod perfectly.

I have the same verdict regarding video playback or web browsing. Whatever you want to do with the iPod Touch 5G can do quickly and smoothly. Except load, where I noticed that to make a full charge takes about four hours, more than in other iOS devices, and where I miss some optimization.

Its battery also has a very satisfying performance, and although it depends on many factors, I have tried to discuss it with normal values for users: screen brightness level in the center, WiFi enabled, and enabled notifications in various applications, but not all that request (Yes in Tweetbot, Facebook, or Instagram but not FIFA Asphalt 7 or 13, for example). The duration of use of both screen and audio, is at almost a full day, similar to the iPad, for example.

White or black??

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 10 In all Apple products that are offered in these two colors I have the same problem to decide which would be me. White seems more beautiful, more aesthetic, more attractive. But the black frame between screen and frame seems negative, distracting the screen content. I mean the fine line that borders the screen. Pattern is imperceptible in black, but white immediately obvious.

The black is more classic, does not seem as nice as the white, but helps focus the eye on the content. That’s probably why the vast majority of televisions and monitors have the black frame. The decision is based on individual taste and if you can not pass or thin black frame with white model.

iOS on the iPod Touch

Many users criticized the monotony and stasis of iOS over the years. Normally, referring to Android, with its lights and shadows (as has every operating system) is more dynamic and customizable. I had a HTC One X in which the homescreen was a thousand times better than iOS, thanks to widgets that allowed me to enable or disable system functions (unthinkable in iOS) or quickly view information without having to go into the app. Well, this dynamism is asked to tablets or smartphones, which goes badly and iOS, is not required in media players, at least in my opinion.

However, there is the need for constant updating information and if asked to a device connected to the Internet permanently. Quite simply, the iPod Touch is designed for pure entertainment to unwind and consume entertainment content. Without 3G, we are not always aware of what’s happening in the world. Without a big consumer of battery or the need to carry it around, we do not need (much) power widgets, for example. With applications from the App Store have endless entertainment, both in number and quality.



The fifth-generation iPod Touch is one of the most beautiful and best gadgets on the market designed. Its functions and performance do justice to spare his aesthetic. And in my opinion, stands out even better than the iPhone for the reasons I have given in the previous section. Because iOS on the iPhone makes it feel like more, to look with envy aspects of Android or Windows Phone 8. With the iPod Touch, iOS is more than enough.

Review: iPod Touch 5G image 11

Historically, the iPod Touch has been a good input device in the Apple ecosystem. A simple product, economical, without relying on permanent contracts with monthly. Now has stiff competition in the form of iPad, and especially iPad mini. In addition, starting at $ 299 not help matters, as it costs the same as the iPad mini, less portable but with a very generous compared screen. In any case, there are already at least 32 GB of memory that will, given how much they take applications from the arrival of the iPad Retina Display, is an important point.

This product is ideal for children and youth, or who want to supplement with iOS in a multimedia player capable of surfing the internet your smartphone or tablet to another operating system. A product that is unrivaled in any segment, and the quality very difficult competitive entry. Right now the iPod Touch, especially 5G is an ultraportable camera with social functions, a handheld game console, a great music and video player, and a gadget in which use applications. All in one.

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