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Review: Nexus 7

Review: Nexus 7

When introduced the Nexus 7 in the past Google I / O Many appreciated the audacity to launch a $200 tablet that early reviews by, turned out to be a device to measure up. This however was not daring again, months ago Amazon had dared to Kindle Fire , a device with a very similar and that a few days ago received an update to Kindle Fire HD improved in various aspects such as the processor and the quality of the screen.

It can be considered so that duo Fire-Nexus 7 inaugurated a new category, or at least gave him quality standards did not have before. One category of tablets that are characterized by 7 inches and be much more affordable and far range from the $500 iPad and Galaxy Note 1.10 , for example.

The carries in Europe half a month, from September 1, and can be purchased either online through Google Play either physically or through various distributors.

A $200 tablet that does not look

I’d like to avoid in the way as possible enumerate long lists of technical features of Nexus 7 along Handbook Why? Because one of the main virtues of the tablet is also its biggest flaw, is a device that appears to cost a lot more than it really costs.

That is, there is no question of the Quad Core Tegra 3 riding the Nexus 7 when in fact the key is how it behaves on a day to day, the fluidity, stability and user experience it provides. On one hand, the Nexus 7 is very, very well built, has a smooth plastic finish very nice in the back with the Nexus logo stamped, a small metallic edge and a 7-inch screen with Gorilla Glass to 1280×800 density of 216 pixels per inch that looks decently well.

Review: Nexus 7 image 2

It gives a feeling of cheap plastic, or be of poor quality, a sense that yes off tablets that cost three times as the Galaxy Note 10.1 but the other side of the coin comes from the hand of performance. Moving Jelly Bean 4.1, the Nexus 7 and its Quad Core Tegra 3 behave properly, the different desktops run smoothly and decently fast apps open.

It is when we want to use a bit more intensive to Nexus 7 when we note that those $200 bills passed, any professional or advanced we want him to stay longer will hurt you if you use an iPad or a high-end tablet. Furthermore, the 7-inch screen can be ideal for reading (let’s talk in more detail below) but not so much for writing documents for example, or to navigate, without allowing it to be a bad experience, simply looks better on larger screens.

Battery and Storage

Other basic features when we’re looking for a tablet are respectively the battery and storage. In the first section the battery is adequate but not outstanding, the official spec sheet promises up to 10 hours of battery life in standby and 300 but in our tests this data has proved to be much lower. Counting hours, is difficult to go beyond the five hours and with moderate use, as we begin to run many applications at the same time this is going to be diminished. Not a bad performance, just one device according to the size and thickness and the price it has.

Review: Nexus 7 image 3

Furthermore, storage comes in two options 8 or 16GB (which adds 50 euros or dollars, as applicable, the final price, leaving it in 249), no big deal and we will limit enough if we want is to bring large numbers of documents or multimedia files such as pictures or video. We are again under the premise of a tablet that looks a lot more, if only for design and quality of materials, but in areas such as storage is limited by its price.


Used to use an iPad with 3G connectivity to make the jump to Nexus 7 often I was missing the opportunity to connect in mobility. This is something we can fix or with a device like a MiFi or if you have a smartphone (iOS, Android or Windows Phone) by tethering.

Review: Nexus 7 image 4

Otherwise basic options include Bluetooth more particularity to mount NFC, a technology increasingly begins to be standard for most devices but still, at least in the vast majority of countries, really useless practice.


Neither the one nor the other, the Nexus screen 7 does not dazzle but falls short, and I would say that surpasses many other tablets of competition, starting with the Fire and ending with most 10-inch Android The color quality is good and the resolution too. Not a Retina display, not a screen of a HTC One X, or a Tablet Xperia S but amply meets and when reading texts as we will discuss later noted for its good brightness, quality, good contrast and saturation colors.

Review: Nexus 7 image 5

What is it for the Nexus 7

But go and once the concrete What is the Nexus 7? For now, again because of the price, we can forget about the rear camera. I still believe that is a feature that many tablets lacks any sense but at the same time it is also widely demanded by many others. In the case of the Nexus 7 only have a front camera for video calls, which can be used with applications such as Skype or Tango.

Review: Nexus 7 image 6

And we used to read, especially reading, as direct competition to the Nexus Kindle Fire 7 works very well, has a good screen with good resolution and the text makes reading enjoyable through Google Play to buy books ( limited availability by country) and the official application for Android Kindle our entire Amazon library also becomes instantly available.

To navigate the Nexus 7 behaves acceptably, it is a revealing experience, at least not as much as in a tablet of 9 or 10 inches but it is especially comfortable and manageable. Sometimes in tablets with larger screens introducing texts may be more uncomfortable and that’s a setback in this case is very well resolved with two fingers as we write more comfortable.

To play nor is it the best experience, but games like Angry Birds or Temple Run are entertaining and can be used to kill the odd dead time.

Review: Nexus 7 image 7

Integration with Google ecosystem is, as usual, impeccable, and integration with Chrome, Gmail or Calendar and their corresponding widgets that can be placed on the various screens is a very interesting extra productivity for those who use daily and trust applications in google. If you use any of them in the Nexus 7 you will find an excellent partner with applications to height, from Drive to Google Maps, are handled with much comfort from a tablet.

Using the Nexus 7 is, in short, a light application designed for a very portable device that can be worn comfortably and easily fits in a purse, backpack or fanny pack. Its use is and will star for me to read books because you save a format very similar to paperback books, but browsing, video calls and check social networking functions are also fulfilled.

To what does not serve the Nexus 7

If you want to give a more professional and import photos to view them from the tablet (something that the iPad is relatively common due to the additional connector), see or read PDFs complex graphics heavy, the Nexus 7 is not what you want.

Review: Nexus 7 image 8

If you’re looking for an iPad, with its Retina display, its fluidity, its catalog of applications (one of the great failures of Android tablets, the catalog), their cameras, the quality of construction and components, the Nexus 7 is not for you. Mainly because you’re probably looking for a tablet with 9-inch screen, for the Nexus 7 having the make a difference that is noticed, a lot.

If you are looking for a large tent behind content, expects the Fire HD, availability of series, books and music is very limited on Google Play by the time we left the United States and at that point Amazon, also will announce expansion plans in effect shortly, provides a much more solid.


Review: Nexus 7 image 9


It’s a $200 tablet, and now. Not the first time I use the comparison over the review but probably no better way to define it. Not a premium tablet is not the best of the best, the latest and most advanced technology to be found within Android. But it is well made, has quality Android Jelly Bean decent moves so we can have many of the features of a tablet in your hand and it comes with a more condensed format, according to taste, it can be even more attractive.

On the other hand, we can not ask anything special, probably the 7 inches that occasionally we fall short, the battery life is not anything special, no 3G connectivity and is missing many, many applications. If the pros outweigh the cons, for $200 (same price in Euros) or 249 dollars for the 16GB version going to have a complete device to par and that will acceptably meet much of uses normally give a tablet. In the same way that the Kindle Fire HD came the “real” and more successful device, Google hopefully do the same with the Nexus in the second generation and improve the existing and polish all those aspects that remain outstanding until then , and within that market more affordable tablets, the Nexus 7 is an excellent competitor.

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