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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Digital TV |

Review: Samsung Smart TV ES8000

Review: Samsung Smart TV ES8000

The Samsung ES8000 is a 46-inch ultra-thin TV with lots of possibilities. Highlights include voice control and gestures leading to a much closer interaction, its network connection to access content stored on the Internet thanks to the browser that comes standard as well as enjoy various services offered by applications from Apps. 3D is one of its great strengths also thus leading visual experience to another dimension. It also allows multitasking with its two cores. Then we come to analyze it.

First contact

This Samsung Smart TV has a 46-inch screen surrounded by a metal frame where the edges are dwarves giving a sense that is much larger. It presents a very modern yet delicate. When mounting the display on the stand, this fits perfectly but gives a sense of fragility due to having plastic hooks. If the touch, wobbles a bit and gives some scary at first. However, when we left on the table, it is fixed and there is nothing to fear.

Under the above, in the middle, stands a camera that allows video conferencing via Skype or just take pictures of the whole family in the living room. Their quality in low light is bad enough, something normal since Samsung has chosen to focus on other tasks.

Review: Samsung Smart TV ES8000 image 2

Curiously, in the center of the frame below the Samsung logo appears bright as the TV is on. What is really remarkable is that this projection is perfectly symmetrical to the camera that is just above. At first glance may not look much but the truth is that their lines have taken great care to design and have made every effort to make the product between the eyes also.


When a person wants to buy a new TV one of the key parts is the quality of the screen. And this is simply stunning. It offers vivid colors and high contrast plus some very sharp detail thanks to technology that incorporates Micro-Dimming. Moreover, the LED panel reduces glare and can even absorb external lux. In fact, scanning the environment to lighten or darken the image.

Review: Samsung Smart TV ES8000 image 3

The 3D plays an important role. We can enjoy 3D content through active glasses (two pairs come standard) and 3D sound effect for a total experience. It also comes standard to convert 2D to 3D. However, when something fails become much, we just all fuzzy and finally returning to normal. Who wants to watch the news in 3D?


We have always known the TVs with conventional controls and this Samsung Smart TV goes a step further. To interact with the TV by voice and gestures.

The voice recognition is just incredible. When we press the microphone button on the remote appear at the bottom of the TV all the options we have available in text bubbles. It works perfectly, even when there is background music in the room. Something that really catches my attention is that there is to configure it exactly to your voice. I know that most devices now recognize the voice of anyone but until recently had to follow a set process to detect us.

Review: Samsung Smart TV ES8000 image 4

A great novelty with respect to previous models is facial recognition. The Samsung Smart TV all users have the ability to create their own. There used to put a password to access it but that was history. At first when registering our own TV we will take a picture for us that we can then go through a facial recognition. Although this sounds very modern also has its flaws as we detect if we are watching TV in the dark.


The Samsung Smart TV is designed to take full advantage of the network. You can connect via WiFi or Ethernet cable. If we surf the Internet we have a web browser that comes standard. If you prefer we can go to and download applications from Samsung which we like.

Of course, AllShare Play is also included and allows you to share content such as videos or photos from compatible devices. My Samsung Galaxy brings the default application installed and working properly. It’s very useful, especially when we want to show something quickly to many people without having to dump the contents on a hard drive or flash drive to connect it to the TV later.

Review: Samsung Smart TV ES8000 image 5

And thanks to the microphone and camera are standard video calls can be maintained through Skype without leaving the couch with ease. Television is evolving. Before they were designed to consume content but increasingly to produce or consult our taste. We can read news, check Youtube videos or to give us a tour of Google maps.



Samsung has once again redefine television with your Smart TV ES8000. It has an exquisite design with a metallic finish giving it a premium, ready to stand out in any room. However, could improve a bit the hooks of the base. Are plastic and, at first, it seems that they will not be able to support the weight.

If anything, this screen is highlighted in the image. It is of great quality, the colors are very vibrant and real time. In addition, the sharpness is incredible. Moreover, the 3D is another of its strengths, so yes, leaving out the functionality to convert 2D to 3D as it still does not give very good results.

Connectivity plays a very important also because it takes the experience to another dimension. With the network connection opens up a world of possibilities at our disposal. We are no longer restricted to see only what they run the chains, now we have much more to explore.

The interaction with the TV because I liked that experience have gotten much closer than we had before with a remote. Recognize our voice, our gestures and our face is a plus.

Finally, Samsung TV Smart TV ES8000 is a high quality product, even if some details to be improved, with a beautiful design and a stunning advances that make feel much closer.

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