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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Features, Guides / Tips |

Review: Wunderlist 2

Review: Wunderlist 2

At year’s end, it seems that the renewal application is the order of the day. In this case, those responsible for 6wunderkinder completely updated their productivity app Wunderlist, under the new name of Wunderlist 2 . With major upgrades and a fresh facelift, and we finally bite into the application and after using it for a long time, it must be admitted that the change was for the better. If you’re accustomed to using Wunderlist-in my case, is an application-header appreciate the performance improvements and different that brings enhanced functionality. If you’ve never played, then it is an excellent opportunity to start using it.

One of the major developments that brings is the fact that of 6wunderkinder have chosen to build from scratch native applications for all platforms, thus abandoning the webframes and HTML5. So important to achieve fluency and have more freedom to implement new things, while we from the user side we will find an app much easier to handle. We are going to have the basics of Wunderlist two then begin to review the different functionalities of mobile and desktop applications, also have a webapp that can seamlessly access and synchronize with our account information.

Key Capabilities

Wunderlist 2 is a suite of productivity and task management that allows us to organize and manage all you have to do in the day. Each of the tasks and task forces may be shared with others, making it an excellent choice for collaborative work. What are the main features you can find in this application?

  • Notifications Center: Wunderlist 2 has a notification center where you can access all the news we find on a task essential to teamwork. All notifications received via email can be viewed in this section, located on the top bar of the app.
  • Profile: we now have more options when creating your profile, adding our name and photo just configure the account, but also other issues such as customizing the background. Although no great significance in terms of productivity, is a nice touch.
  • Invitations: With this improvement we invite our partners to specific lists more simply, through an icon located next to the task pane.
  • Recurring tasks and reminders: another improvement in this release is the ability to group and re recurring tasks according to the day. This saved us having to create them again and again. Subtasks may also be generated within a larger, novel and useful, for example, in the same manner as Google Tasks.
  • Notes: Notes are an important part when describing a task. While we had available in the previous version, access is now much easier.


One of the most noticeable changes of Wunderlist 2 is its interface. Beyond the beauty or not, the first thing we noticed is that the lateral taskbar has moved from right to left, making it more comfortable for the eyes to see what we have pending task forces. In this sidebar, we find two basic sections, then, we may be adding other groups of tasks according to specific themes or projects. In the Inbox, find all tasks that are not assigned to a panel, then drag and drop doing these tasks can move to the appropriate group. In Today, one of several Smart Lists will see in a few lines, we will find all tasks that have a deadline or end on the day of the date.

The change is important because we now have more customization options. From our profile icon located in the upper right corner, we came upon our preferences. Here we can change the background, for example, the classic wooden plank to stick notes to other colors that may be more attractive. The location of the options can not be changed, so it may cost if we are too used to the old version with all located on the other side of the screen.

Beyond this, the change is noticeable but not uncomfortable: still retains the right amount of identifiable elements that go beyond the bottom. The dynamics of operation remains the same but, thanks to native applications, is now much faster and stable. To add a task we enter through the text bar located on the top bar, and then appear in the main part, just below. When we finished, just have to select the checkbox on, and then be located in the recently completed tasks section which is just below. For navigation between our various lists, we have to make it through the panel on the left, where it is very easy also add a new list with a single click.


The good thing is that Wunderlist 2 adds functionality without modifying either very large which were previously, and had proved to be working very well. As we said, add a task to a list or make a new list is made in the same way they did in the previous version, and the change is more on the side of the display. But they have added some very interesting details.

I think the most important feature is the recurring tasks and subtasks. When we double click on a task, we will see a special square on the right where you can access another panel to set the deadline, a reminder, a note, and most importantly, the subtasks. These can be accessed from any task, to subdivide a better job, a key aspect when it comes to collaborative work. All modifications made in a particular task or subtask will be noted in the Notifications Center.

Review: Wunderlist 2 image 2

On the other hand, opens Wunderlist two calls Smart Lists or Smart Lists, which are activated when we have some specific tasks. For example, when we scored a star with a given task, it automatically creates a list with all the elements that will be also marked with a star. Also grouped the tasks have a common deadline on the list today.

Another feature that was polished enough is the ability to share with other users. He is now much more centralized, and similar to the functionality that once praise on Wunderkit , another productivity suite developed by the same 6wunderkinder. So, instead of having something too complicated, the sharing feature fits the simplicity rule followed in Wunderlist 2. We just have to click, write the email address of the user you want to invite, and expect them to accept the invitation that was sent via email. It also simplifies the invitation through synchronization with Facebook and can see which contacts already attached to the service.


Previously, all applications were developed in Titanium Wunderlist, multiplatform language instead of making a more seamless experience have finished making the app feel it was “hard”. In my case, I chose to use the web version after feeling very uncomfortable in the Mac version In a similar fashion to Facebook, who recently left the development of their apps in HTML5 to devote to formulate a unique code that makes the experience much faster, Wunderlist 2 develops its own applications with native versions that will be very comfortable for the user, thanks to its fluidity, speed and stability.

“The ambition of our web application is bold, because we are trying to deliver a unified experience for devices of all sizes, from large mobile desktops. But for the web app is running second in most of these devices, and can not reach expertise that native applications in terms of performance, “say from 6wunderkinder on this new strategy . We have to agree: the change is important and noticeable, especially if we use Wunderlist everyday.

Wunderlist 2 is now available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Android, if these applications were previously installed, you can also upgrade to the new version from App Store or from Google Play. It’s completely free in all versions.


I must admit I’m not very good with the changes, and at first I thought it was ruined Wunderlist. I could not sync my tasks, the app did not recognize neither my nor my user password, and even thought my work was lost. But you have a little patience, as with all changes. Shortly already had at my disposal all the possibilities of Wunderlist 2, and I must admit that it has changed for the better. Combining the best of Wunderkit, a productivity suite that was not as successful as its main product, 6wunderkinder really has raised the bar for the other task management applications available in the market. I think right now the two most important and useful applications are Trello and Wunderlist 2 without hesitation.


The new interface is lovely, and it works great, completely unified, among all the devices can be synchronized. Timing is also very fast, thanks to the commitment to fully native applications that put first the user experience. Without doubt, this is one of the most important developments of the year, and we have no choice but to put a near-perfect score, influenced by some silly bugs and misspellings in the Spanish version and all these accessibility issues when first install the application on your desktop.