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Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in Entertainment, Guides / Tips |

Reviving the MS-DOS games

Reviving the MS-DOS games

It’s been 31 years since the Microsoft Disk Operating System, better known as MS-DOS, officially saw the light first, and more than a decade since it was discontinued.

Among other things, MS-DOS was the cradle of great games that took advantage of the features incredible way that offered the computers of the time. And that did not need impressive 3D graphics to engage their followers. From Sim City to Command & Conquer: Red Alert … not to mention Doom, Blood, X-COM: UFO Defense and The Secret of Monkey Island.

In honor of these authentic jewelry, and many others that make it so hard to mention them all, today I wanted to share with you this little guide for running games on our computers today and have the opportunity to relive the good old days.

Emulating MS-DOS

To begin, the first thing to do to run these video games of yesteryear is to install a program that allows us to emulate the late MS-DOS.

We can do with DOSBox , a full emulator has everything you need for what we do and is available for Windows, Mac and various Linux distributions, so you can enjoy no matter what your current operating system.

The installation of the emulator is really simple and requires no advanced knowledge. However, in case you have a problem to run it, you can see the DOSBox Wiki , where you’ll find lots of documentation.

Using the emulator

Using the emulator does not represent a major challenge. You just have to find the icon on the desktop or start menu (assuming you’re on Windows) and run it from there.

The most important is to understand that the emulator takes as its home directory, the root of the virtual disk Z:> and to use our games we set up a new one. At this point I recommend creating a folder, we can give you the name, for example, and within it MSDOSjuegos locate precisely the MS-DOS games that decarguemos Internet (soon to comment on where to get them), each in a sub -different directory.

Once we have the games folder from DOSBox run the following command mount cc:MSDOSjuegos . Where mount is the command to mount the new virtual disk c is the unit that we assign to the disk and c:MSDOSjuegos is the newly created directory path where we have our games.

Reviving the MS-DOS games image 2

Once the new virtual disk is mounted, type c: , to locate it and here, with the command dir you should see the folders you copied to the newly downloaded games.

To run a game on the command line, you must enter the same directory and locate the executable file. Write your name and press enter to start it will be enough. Assuming you want to play Doom, we place ourselves in the directory c:MSDOSjuegosDOOM and write DOOM , in case the corresponding executable is DOOM.exe.

Reviving the MS-DOS games image 3

Downloading games

Instead of making a list of “best games”, although it left a track of which at least for me they are, I’ve got 3 sites from which you can download almost all (at least I got all I was looking for) .

Abandonware Dos : This site can find over 700 games rated in 12 categories. The games can be located easily by title or keyword. It is perhaps the best ever.

Two Games : Although it has not been updated for one year, has over 600 titles available, also sorted by categories.

Free Classic DOS Games : With fewer games may be an additional resource to download titles that do not meet in the other two sites.

There are also some torrent sites with large collections of MS-DOS games available for download. My favorites are in BST. In case of any doubt regarding the use of the emulator, you can write in the comments. Try to answer in as much as possible.

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