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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

RIAA cites BitTorrent sites and proposes to pursue self-filters for all

RIAA cites BitTorrent sites and proposes to pursue self-filters for all

If during this 2012 we have seen continued harassment of by the closure of many of the major sites and cyberlockers BitTorrent, the RIAA has made a list for next year . A set of websites “dangerous” to the government of the United States. Alongside this, a proposal for the future: that all include a proactive filter to regulate and eliminate the violations.

A proposal made by the RIAA with other copyright holders, which made it late last year and has finished in time with the disappearance of sites like BTjnkie, Megaupload, Demonoid and as many designated sites. RIAA’s letter begins as follows:

We want to take a moment to reflect on the fact that, thanks largely to the efforts of the U.S. government for highlighting malpractice, some notorious markets that we have identified in last year’s presentation are over.

According to the RIAA , these lists show those sites developed that benefit from the infringement of copyright directly or indirectly. A list ranging from file sharing sites like those direct download, the latter described as “high-profile pirate markets”.

And according to the company, most popular BitTorrent sites demolish links that are asked when identified, although these takedown requests have no effect because it is again content uploaded by users:

One of the main problems we have with demolition notices in BiTorrent is that it can be inserted infringing material again so quick indeed.

The RIAA said in the letter that the problem is further complicated by the existence of many similar files under different URLs. A “set” with which we want to end by suggesting that BitTorrent sites take proactive measures to ensure that no infringing files are added to the service again:

As a result, copyright owners are forced into an endless game of cat and mouse, which requires considerable resources devoted to pursuing the infringing content, only to have the same content and infringe reappears. For that reason, the BitTorrent site operators should take proactive measures to stop the torrent indexing.

The RIAA speaks automatic filter for these files. It also includes a list of sites to monitor and pursue next year. A list of “most dangerous” which includes The Pirate Bay, isoHunt, Torrentz, KickassTorrents, BitSnoop, SumoTorrent, Torrenthound, BTMon, ExtraTorrent, Fenopy, Limetorrents and TorrentReactor,

Of all of them and as usual in recent years, The Pirate Bay is presented as the most problematic. Mainly argue that it is the few sites that do not respond to requests for demolition of rights holders. The RIAA informs the government that the site continues to operate despite the convictions against his former operators:

Despite the strong convictions that currently exist in Sweden, the site is still active and is the most popular BitTorrent site in the world, with about 6 million registered users climbing the content available to more than 26 million users. The most important movies and music can be downloaded through the service.

As we said at the beginning, besides BitTorrent sites the RIAA also lists several binding sites and cyberlockers described as havens of piracy. To all of them and their owners are encouraged to be more actively involved with similar filters and respond to requests for demolition in soon.

A note that comes to mean the path to follow for the next 2013. As we see, the siege to continue pushing for BitTorrent where individual sites that expand the detection and downing tools of infringing content.

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