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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Technology |

RIM and Nokia achieve a patent license agreement

RIM and Nokia achieve a patent license agreement

Having had several disputes in courts of the United States, United Kingdom and Canada RIM and do a patent license agreement, no details on the amount or duration of the agreement. All you Nokia declares in a press release is that the agreement includes an upfront payment, and then a series of deferred payments during the time established by the use of licenses.

Paul Melin, in charge of intellectual property Nokia said:

We are pleased to have resolved our patent licensing issues with and have reached this new agreement to keep protected our unique product differentiation. This agreement demonstrates the importance of our patent portfolio and enables us to focus on licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market.

RIM will pay for patents for the launch of its new operating system Blackberry 10 and also because they have raised the launch of a new range of mobile devices coming to market by the end of January. Agreement Nokia economically benefits but other manufacturers also demonstrates the importance of its portfolio of over 10,000 patents, representing an investment of over 45 billion Euros.

The resolution of the problem by both companies should serve as a lesson to Apple as Samsung and in 2012 played one of the biggest legal battles in the technology industry and it is more likely to continue over the next year to door. The patent war will continue to talk about, for now, Nokia and RIM show us that there are peaceful solutions where everyone wins and above all, customers benefit as sales and development of new devices is not interrupted.

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