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Posted by on Dec 21, 2012 in Software, Technology |

Rockmelt: social browser for iPhone

Rockmelt: social browser for iPhone

Rockmelt began in 2010 as a startup focused on social return to desktop browsers, initially succeeded in getting his product reached 4 million users, but recently we made a radical transition focusing on creating an iPad application after identifying a considerable loss user after usage analysis in iPad, determined that it was feasible to reach more mobile devices by the current trends, as of today you can also download for iPhone .

The creators of this browser is described as “a quick and fun way to explore the Web.” It is very similar to applications like Pocket and Flipboard, is focused on providing the user reading topics of interest but also a full browser, it shows that share links your contacts from Facebook or Twitter.

A very in favor of the application interface is quite attractive and especially the user experience that has several points that stand out:

  • Scroll infinite in the reading of content.
  • Gives priority to images and videos.
  • Minimalist interface.
  • The content is shown without commercials.
  • Content fully searchable on the Internet.
  • Mark shared content according to your emotions, rather used terms used in internet to share links as “Like”, “Lol”, “hmm” and “Aww”.

Here you can see a video of the user experience and interfaces

Currently the application is only available for iOS, but on the website of the company already announced that they are working to reach more devices via other platforms such as Android or Windows Phone. Rockmelt CEO Eric Vishria, described the application as a more dynamic way to navigate and explore content through mobile devices. It seems that the pin that gave the startup is more than wise, people now consume more content through mobile devices and experience that gives you the use of application is something that users will appreciate.

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