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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in News, Tablets |

RT officials Prices Surface

RT officials Prices Surface

just revealed through its online store for a few seconds RT Surface price, your tablet with keyboard that will be available from 26 October. Apparently according to the latest data we know, the web will be available in a few hours with all the information needed to make the booking process of RT.

  • Microsoft Surface Touch 32GB without Cover: $499.
  • Microsoft Surface Cover with Touch 32GB: $599.
  • Microsoft Surface Cover with Touch 64GB: $699.
  • Microsoft Surface Touch Cover: $119.
  • Microsoft Surface Type Cover: $129.

As you can see below, the prices are exactly the same as comparable versions of the new iPad , remains to be seen if Microsoft will unveil today also the price of the Surface Pro coming to market in early 2013 and whose technical specifications ensure greater price.

During the short period of time which has been available the Surface website at Microsoft Store has been observed a small annotation for residents outside the U.S. so presumably there may be some changes with respect to Search in other countries.

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