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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in News |

RT Windows takes up half the space of 32GB Surface

RT Windows takes up half the space of 32GB Surface

Over the FAQ on the Surface we’ve heard the space occupied by the system and the available space for personal files we have in each of the models of the tablet.

Microsoft has unveiled the exact space we will be in the new Surface deduct the space once occupied by and all system files. The 32GB version will stay with 16GB available after system files, Microsoft Office , the disk recovery tools and applications that are already installed occupy the remainder.

If the solution is to buy the 64GB version of the system we will eat a quarter of the available space and we are left with 46GB of free space. Here we see that although Windows RT is the tablet version of Windows 8 is apparently not fully optimized and that seems absurd to sell a tablet with a theoretical capacity and then when you see out of the box that you only need the announced half the space to put movies, music or photos. I can not imagine what would happen if Apple or Google do the same and the next version of iOS or Android we saw that we have half the space available on the iPad or Nexus 10 .

On the same page Microsoft explains what happened with space announced. Taking the example of the Surface of these 32GB 32GB see advertised on the box to remain at 29GB so binary count. This is a trick used by all manufacturers so here not only because of Microsoft, also of others. But of those remaining 29GB will have to subtract 5 for Windows recovery tools and other Windows 8 for RT, and Office applications.

At least, and to alleviate the criticism, Microsoft tells us that we can expand the space available through SD card, a hard drive connected by USB or through the cloud and Skydrive.

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