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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Apple, Rumors |

Rumor: iPhone 5 Available from September 21

Rumor: iPhone 5 Available from September 21

So far, the courts held about the possible arrival of a successor to the iPhone 4S, no nothing more than a rumor. Although Apple’s silence is maintained, new speculations appear every day. Yesterday, for example, commented on the possibility that the incorporate NFC technology and long before featured a video which can be seen the housing and some components of the new terminal of Apple.

Today, an apparent leak of information from the company T-Mobile places the “new iPhone” in stores from September 21. Confirmed the rumor, would be just three weeks to see the first batch of these devices on the street.

The image below is an internal document from T-Mobile which reflects the priorities of training for employees in the month of September.

Rumor: iPhone 5 Available from September 21 image 2

For being so little information that presents the image is very easy to generate any buzz from it, so I give the benefit of the doubt to the people of TmoNews and accompany with the question: what have T-Mobile to provide training to its employees to sell the iPhone at this time?, personally do not think it’s for the iPhone 4S (which already has nearly a year on the market). And when I say “at this time”, I mean the next few days to the event where as other information without official confirmation, Apple presented the new generation of the iPhone , specifically, on September 12.

To reinforce much these rumors, a Verizon company worker TechCrunch had declared that his company had, in a way, allowed employees to request vacation during the days between 21 and 30 September, in accordance with the dates indicated above, would be the days when the biggest volume concur users to stores in search of the new phones.

During the next few days, while Apple keeps silence, the rumors will not stop growing. Meanwhile we will be giving up to confirm or deny them, and waiting for official information for fans of Apple products.

Picture: TmoNews




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