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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Apple, News |

[Rumor] The new connector might be present in all Apple portable line

[Rumor] The new connector might be present in all Apple portable line

The month of September and rumors about and its devices are becoming increasingly insistent. The last one to just jump into the fray is related to the mysterious new 19-pin connector that is supposed to be present in the new 5. Well, that’s what we previously thought, since as indicated from iMore , sources close to the company would have revealed it intended to include the new in ENTIRE portable line of devices in the house.

Based on these same sources, the announcement would take place in the famous call of September 12, which also presented the iPhone 5 and the expected iPad mini. Both teams would come as “standard” with this new connector, but Apple would use the occasion to also announce new versions of its successful iPod nano and iPod touch that would change the connector.

It is the policy of the house, to have consistency in terms of connectors. So far, all shared portable 30-pin connector, so it is unlikely that Apple would simultaneously maintain two different connectors in their catalog. The same would apply to manufacturers of accessories for Apple computers. It is unacceptable to have to make the same team in two versions: one with 30-pin connector and a 19-pin for the new equipment.

So if these sources are correct, next September 12 will see a complete redesign of the entire line of Apple laptop, to unify and make more connections and “easy” transition to this new connector accessory manufacturers. For now, it’s all just speculation and we will leave doubts in September …

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