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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Software |

RunKeeper 3.0 interface renews and improves social functions

RunKeeper 3.0 interface renews and improves social functions

The technology has been fully integrated into our daily lives, especially in sport. RunKeeper is an application that aims to record all our activity and to analyze ourselves to see our evolution or just compare it to our contacts. Today, was brought RunKeeper 3.0 offering a new interface and more advanced social functions.

What better time to present that just a day before New Year’s, when many people set for 2013 purposes, among which are normally included almost always to practice more sport to keep fit.

One of the most characteristic things RunKeeper 3.0 is the redesign of the interface. It is now much cleaner and intuitive. He has left behind the dark tone and has become much whiter interface. It focuses much more on the activity we do.

As for social functions, we have tried to focus in part on the photograph. Remember the importance of mobile photography right now and all that is happening around her as the subject of Instagram , the filters of Twitter, Flickr and Google’s Snapseed. Everyone wants to get into this market niche. But let’s focus on the important, RunKeeper 3.0 now lets take pictures before, during and after activity to share with our contacts through social networks like Facebook or Twitter without having to leave the itself.

On the other hand, now allowed record activity in real time from your mobile phone to share our progress live with family and friends. However, to be able to access that need to be user funcionaldiad Elite.

Personal trainers on mobiles are very successful. Those who practice sports regularly record data we like our activities to see if we progress properly. In fact, the bracelets as Fuelband or Fitbit dipositive the state show the passion that exists for monitoring all data.

RunKeeper 3.0 is a great bet and surely we may live a pleasant surprise to try.

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