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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Science, Technology |

Russian billionaire seeks immortality

Russian billionaire seeks immortality

Sounds funny, but true. Itskov Dmitry, a Russian billionaire wants billionaires around the world provide funds to achieve immortality.

Immortality is a dream as old as humanity itself. Many religions have offered one or the other way: follow us and be immortal. Your soul will migrate to another body or simply resurrected after death, as postulated by the Catholic religion. But no one had explained how, beyond belief and faith. Now Itskov launches it.

It has established a project called the 2045 Initiative . In his page explains what steps and what to expect. More picturesque still ask for solidarity from the rest of the world’s billionaires: Billionaires of the world unite.

The steps are as follows. A, in which a remote copy of a human body is controlled by the brain via BCI. Avatar B: this is an avatar in which human brain transplanted at the end of his life. Avatar C: an avatar with an artificial brain that was transplanted human personality at the end of his life. Avatar D: a hologram.

Of course some small doubts arise in addition to the complete lack of fit with the current state of science. In the case of the Catholic religion, the resurrection is in body and soul. Let’s say we are very close to the body, we are our body and the resurrection of the soul was simply uninspiring. So it should be complete. Religion did not explain how body┬áresurrected immediately preceding the death? Does the one person in 20 years? Itskov not care much about the details. Do we want our minds to live in a disembodied avatar? Or that this is a robot? A hologram seemingly unimportant details, although I preoccupy much.

No less surprising is how to finance the initiative: addressing the world’s billionaires. This is doubly funny by a simple fact. Itskov is 31 and the other billionaires have an average of 60. That is, none would arrive in time but Itskov himself. And speaking of amazing facts, how can Itskov be billionaire 31 years? Recall that the Berlin Wall fell 23 years ago, when he was 8.

The letter to the billionaires is not wasted. Itskov says:

Honorable businessmen and members of the list of Forbes richest: human life is unique and invaluable. It is only when we leave when we realize how much we have left undone, we have not had enough time to do what you really wanted or to deal with something we’ve done wrong. Everything we wanted and loved suddenly becomes unreachable.
Today you have a unique opportunity to change this.

Touching. The whole life working to be billionaire and eventually you die. It is deeply unfair. Too bad I’m not billionaire to attend your call. But I fear that Itskov die without achieving immortality.

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