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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Mobile |

Safe Notes stores your notes safely in Android

Safe Notes stores your notes safely in Android

Our smartphones and tablets increasingly store more personal information and that, logically, it should not be available to anyone, but there are enough users still do not realize this and, for example, set a simple password or unlock pattern on their terminals to prevent unauthorized access. It’s useless to a strong password in your Gmail account if it is accessible from your smartphone and it is not locked, in addition to accessing the that we have stored in our terminal. It is becoming normal to take notes with our phones, whether using services like Evernote or, in a somewhat more modest, with notes applications including default iOS or but how can we protect this data?

One of the first responses is to establish a safe method to unlock your terminal, ie a password or draw a pattern on the screen (typical Android) but in addition to this basic safety guidelines, we can find a good number of security focused applications that can help us to better protect our data.

For those amateur users to take notes from your Android, perhaps, to find Safe Notes quite interesting. The aim of the application is very simple, replace our usual application to take notes and offer a safe alternative in the data to be encrypted and also have to use a password to access them.

Safe Notes applies a 128-bit encryption to our notes and we can write up to 5000 characters each (can be stored on the SD card of the terminal). In case, by a slip, forget our password we will be able to access using a secret question (with its corresponding response) and, from there, we can manage our annotations normally (typing, retouching or deleting entries stored).

From the point of view of application design, Safe Notes is something austere and does not include too many frills but considering its purpose, nor is it necessary that these details are taken care of as these notes are rarely shared (although that possibility includes using SMS or email). Moreover, the application is free and insert advertising although the possibility of acquiring the Pro version .

If 128-bit encryption is something we are short, NoteCipher offers a 256-bit encryption AES and also a similar functionality for free.

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