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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Software |

Sailfish teaches Jolla OS, a system with many possibilities

Sailfish teaches Jolla OS, a system with many possibilities

Jolla today introduced the world its latest operating system OS denomidado Sailfish, highlighting its multitasking, simple interaction and many new options. It also has a different look to what we are used to seeing.

Sailfish OS is not born from scratch, is based on Mer, a free operating system for phones, tablets and even televisions. In fact it was a very important part of Meego , Nokia adopted the system but was not very successful. In addition, they want to be supported by a wide variety of chips but currently only release for ST Ericsson’s chips Novathor.

The GUI has been created to meet the current needs of most consumers. That translates into a simple and intuitive interface leading to a feeling of comfort and easy control over the phone. For example, to achieve this, they have decided that many actions can be executed from within the home screen without having to access menus such as multitasking or pause a song.

Use of this system relies heavily on gestures. To return to the home screen dede any application simply slide your finger from the right side of the screen to the other side. Notably desktop widgets are interactive and show real-time information. Among them we find the music. You can pause or resume playing a song just by sliding your finger.

On the other hand, is very different from other operating systems since been removed information that we consider basic indicators such as battery status, to mention some of the main screen. Instead, you have moved to the lock screen so that when we are using the phone has more space to display the relevant information.

Sailfish OS is a promising mobile operating system with many new features to differentiate itself from the existing ones in the market. Will you succeed? Namely. Even if it comes to it, the path will be difficult because it has a well established rivals such as iOS , Android or Windows Phone .

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