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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Laptops |

Sales of portable touch with Windows 8 not finish off

Sales of portable touch with Windows 8 not finish off

While yesterday we saw Windows 8 sales were not too bad , with 40 million activations in the first month of release, we can not say the same for the portable touch .

A new feature of Windows 8 is that it is compatible with touch devices and many manufacturers have seen this as a bonanza to develop portable tactile. But no one said they were going to sell a lot and it would be the next big thing in technology. In fact it is not being as according comment from ASUS ‘demand for devices with is not too good right now “and that they sell the Vivobook, one of the models that are being sold. Still have refused to give official sales figures.

The biggest competitor of ASUS, Acer, is currently watching ASUS bet with Vivobook given that its price is not too high, about $ 499. It has a 11.6 inch screen, an Intel Core i3, 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB hard drive. In Acer believe the low price can make them Vivobook popularize touchscreen laptops.

One of the analysts who believe it difficult to lower the price of these laptops is the high price of the components. Drivers and screens are priced too high for mounting on portable profitable exit. These laptops will be sold only if the price is low enough and until these screens become popular the price will not drop. But if not sold, we want no one will make them and their adoption will not be high enough so that the lower component prices. So if you want to introduce these laptops on the market, manufacturers will have to take tighter profit margins.

Another point that I think is key is that currently there is no compelling reason for buying a laptop with a touchscreen. It works well for work if you’re sitting at a desk nor used to take him to the couch and you can do the same with a tablet. So a part of the system is adapted, need to find a compelling reason to use portable tactile or stay as very nice friends who teach but do not use anymore.

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