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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in SmartPhones |

Samsung: Bada or Tizen no more in 2012

Samsung: Bada or Tizen no more in 2012

A is doing very well with Android. In fact, the Korean company is one that sells more Android phones , and by a wide margin. Such is his success with Google software that I have trouble understanding why others still maintain two operating systems for mobile phones which only gets fragmenting the market. Furthermore, its support for users with does not seem the most appropriate and has not yet seen the light.

But to taste the colors and it is clear that there is a small community of followers of Bada to which they would like new phones with the Samsung system. For these all bad news, as Samsung announces no more devices with its operating system for the remainder of this year 2012.

Furthermore, Tizen, the Korean joint effort with Intel , will be delayed until 2013 despite existing distributed development kits from a selection of developers who do not report very good impressions, complaining about lack of updates and tools the material has been provided.

The latest Samsung Bada devices presented were the Wave 3, M and Y that just came out about a year ago at the IFA 2011, but it appears that there will be no new additions in the IFA 2012 . Samsung prefers to focus on Android, which dominate the market, and future Windows Phone 8 and all its potential.

About the holders of existing terminals can not say anything. No details are known about new updates of Bada, and apparently will remain at 2.0 for the foreseeable future.

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