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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Technology |

Samsung closes the possibility of an agreement with Apple as the HTC

Samsung closes the possibility of an agreement with Apple as the HTC

We started this week with a singular story that came to put some peace in one of the many fronts that exist in the patent war that pits the mobile device manufacturers, or rather, to manufacturers of Android with Apple. HTC and Apple reached an agreement to share patents for 10 years and, although no official confirmation, HTC will have to pay between 4 and 6 dollars per terminal Android selling. This agreement, which is similar to HTC with Microsoft, made us stare at is the manufacturer that holds the fiercest war with Apple and that, perhaps, could end up sealing the peace with a similar agreement (seeing the millionaire compensation which was ordered to pay Apple in late August). Maybe it could be a formula but apparently Samsung is not an option .

The person responsible for the idea was discarded JK Shin, head of the division of Samsung handsets, and so we read has been quite categorical in their statements:

It may be true that HTC has agreed to pay $ 276 million to Apple but we have no intention of making a similar negotiation

$ 276 million?? The figure, really, not invented as the result of multiplying the estimated royalty for sales of terminals that have HTC. Samsung wants to litigate with Apple in courts around the world and, in fact, appeal the ruling that condemned in the United States, to pay one billion dollars for copying Apple.

Seeing that Samsung closes this door, the stage will become complicated because it seems that we will see a short-term peace between these two great heavyweights. In both Japan and in the Netherlands, courts have dismissed allegations of Apple but there are open processes worldwide and among the claims and appeals, both companies are using many resources (in fact, Samsung has won the odd issue and its position is much stronger than could submit HTC against Apple).

And although it may seem that Apple and Samsung are separated by a gap difficult to bridge, curiously provider acts as Samsung and Apple makes chips that are built into the iPad, iPod and iPhone. This week, Samsung said, leveraging its strong position in this field, had risen 20% the price of chips but sources close to Samsung have denied the news saying that this is not possible since it is part of an agreement to be renegotiated time to time. That is, in the field of electronic components, the ratio of Samsung and Apple maintains its status quo and do not seem likely to be short-term changes.

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