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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Gadgets |

Samsung does not want an agreement with Apple as the HTC

Samsung does not want an agreement with Apple as the HTC

A couple of days ago HTC came to an agreement with Apple by which people stop patent legal disputes between the two companies for a period of at least 10 years. This agreement was concluded between the two companies, since it means an end to an era of war in international courts by them. However, Samsung, the toughest rival in the mobile market, has said it does not intend to reach an agreement of this type with Apple. That option is ruled out.

These were the words of JK Shin, head of the division of the Korean mobile devices, to whom commented in an interview about the deal Apple and HTC, and then it said that:

“HTC may have agreed to pay a total of $276 million to Apple, but we have no intention or in the carrying out negotiations look like that.”

Lighter, impossible. Although this figure of almost 300 million in U.S. currency is an approximate (with some speculation) that have made the Koreans, this is based on that HTC will pay an undetermined amount to Apple for each phone with Android operating system software and the figure that is handled by analysts is between 6 and $9 per device. When I mention that analysts handle, means that there is an official figure.

dismisses so an option, although hurt by having to take out of his pocket a portion of money for each of their terminals to sell, finally end this wave of patent lawsuits design, system, lock, corners rounded and countless Apple has embarked against them, and vice versa, where the Koreans clearly have not fared very well.

Why not look for a quick and easy to conflicts with Cupertino? Perhaps pride. Maybe because somehow believe they can win all claims to come, or perhaps because they will not give up until the end, but so far have lost most of this litigation.

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