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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Features, Photography |

Samsung Galaxy Camera, first impressions

Samsung Galaxy Camera, first impressions

During the Mobile Unpacked 2012 yesterday at IFA Berlin, introduced a device on which had already raised enough rumors from a couple of patents and that we can finally confirm bets with other previously seen as Nikon , a Android compact camera that allows the execution of applications with full connectivity, WiFi as well as 3G and LTE mobile.

The is therefore conceived as a bet as innovative as risky. The very idea of a camera that dispenses entirely any kind of physical control and rests solely on a large touch screen where Android rules is not exactly new, in fact after being testing it I can not but wonder how come no one happened before, or at least how nobody had launched.

Samsung Galaxy Camera, first impressions image 2

Regarding internet connectivity cameras Samsung had a brief experience in this regard with the WB150F presented a few months ago and is worth almost as test what the Galaxy Camera. Theories and other explanations must be recognized that the camera has performed quite well in our tests, especially those a priori weak points such as control and fluency and the interface and what is the actual control of the camera through a tactile interface exclusively.

In regard to the former but not outstanding and may be a worthwhile field after having analyzed intensively tested in the field and not on a stand attached to a safety line, fluidity and performance seem pretty good, or at least acceptable. Regarding the control via a touch interface that is known only Samsung has hit the mark with some things and been left on the shelf a few more.

Samsung Galaxy Camera, first impressions image 3

For example, the design of it makes it simple and easy to use but in other aspects as intuitiveness and finding “what function I need for this kind of photo” fails miserably. We thus find four camera modes, ranging from the most creative to creative casual through the fully automatic and fully manual.

Samsung Galaxy Camera, first impressions image 4

Fortunately menus are accompanied by explanatory images that let you know at all times, or at least sense, what they are, or at least in what situations is a good idea to use them and in what situations. Along with all these modes are also included directly on the camera interface by an arrow in the bottom few filters Instagram-style that can be used in any photo.

All other functions are complemented burst shooting, HDR photos, long exposure, macros and other large group of more benefits. As we mentioned when we can guess the front menu from the description and the accompanying thumbnail what it is exactly but in turn not easy to find them if we want a particular feature, such as shooting, a failure that could be overcome rapidly reducing the number of available automatic modes by reducing them to one example and besides the manual mode only.

Samsung Galaxy Camera, first impressions image 5

Leaving aside the camera quite another surprising detail is the fact that you can install almost any application on the phone. Fortunately (or unfortunately) despite having mobile connectivity can not phoning through it but we can instead use VoIP apps like Skype or Viber normally.

In tests on site the Galaxy Camera seems to almost any application, from Angry Birds to a Twitter client or WhatsApp without the slightest problem. The rear screen is, for practical purposes, just as if we had a mobile phone with Android in hand, you can browse, play and use it as a generation smartphone in question.

Samsung Galaxy Camera, first impressions image 6

Turning to a more tricky, one of the key questions is whether it is feasible to use a compact Android madiante. Despite the previously mentioned details like that to interface several points lacks intuitiveness and management just take her in hand it is clear that the future of compact low-medium range passes precisely dispense all kinds of physical control and incorporate instead a touchscreen increasingly cheaper to produce, that can be managed and controlled by a finger Android system included.

Samsung Galaxy Camera, first impressions image 7

While video recording has been a minor aspect in our with the Galaxy Camera and expect to have a richer experience with it in order to make a judgment on the basis must be recognized that the quality and appearance of the same a priori promise quite and the fact come integrated in an interface quite well especially can benefit from the creative standpoint.

The Galaxy Camera is, in short, probably the first of many that we are seeing both Samsung and other brands and that they in the first months, Android has come to stay in the chambers and we just wait to see if it works as Good results as in mobile phones.

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