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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Gadgets |

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini would be presented on October 11

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini would be presented on October 11

A new rumor is born this day for the world of smartphones and again the protagonist is Samsung, which is that some media have received an invitation to an event to be held Koreans in Germany this coming October 11 where many claim to be presented on Samsung Galaxy S III Mini.

In the brochure (rather battered) that you can see in the picture above is read as part of the invitation, the phrase:

“Something that big can also be small, and something small can be very large.”

Clearly refer to a smaller device, but with great features and hardware inside, what with the “S” typical Galaxy S family that can be seen in the background in the pamphlet, makes us imagine that a version Smallest Galaxy S III is close to being a reality.

Surely this would be a smart move by Samsung, because their terminals are more pointers as the Galaxy S III and the new Galaxy Note II , in addition to spectacular hardware also have something in common, their screens are huge , and this simply does not appeal to everyone.

The iPhone 5 hit the market with a larger screen than its predecessor, but “just” reaching 4 inches. This range has been forgotten by Samsung and other manufacturers of Android smartphones or even Windows Phone 8, who when they have a phone with this or in smaller panels, this model is usually midrange or low, never a pointer terminal .

That is why a Galaxy S III Mini, which maintains features like quad-core Exynos processor and its other attractions, please come for users who want a lot of potential but also a mobile that will easily fit in your pocket.

On October 11 we will be reporting here on Engadget on everything this Samsung at this event.

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