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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Gadgets |

Samsung Galaxy S III test an OS with Tizen

Samsung Galaxy S III test an OS with Tizen

Tizen OS is the open source operating system that Intel and Samsung are developing together, announced a year ago and marking the end of participation in the platform Intel MeeGo (and thus the death of it, which was in the Nokia N9). However, until now there has been no announcement on when we will get this platform to the mobile market, but today has surfaced track ensuring that its development continues, and hard.

While Samsung said that there will be more mobile with Bada OS with Tizen neither shall any OS in 2012 , this does not mean that they have stopped the development of this latest platform, but wish to polish completely before its debut on the market even when the operating system version 1.0 arrived several months ago.

As evidence has leaked a document that shows nothing short of a certification WiFi phone Samsung Galaxy S III but does not work with Android operating system, but with OS.

This could be addressed only by proof of existing terminal running with this new mobile platform, ie, a prototype, or maybe it’s a new version of the operating system Tizen SIII, which hit the market at some point in the year 2013.

Samsung Galaxy S III test an OS with Tizen image 2

For now, the only clue is the certification existing WiFi device, but nothing is known about its availability or perhaps someday hit the shelves.

A new mobile operating system is a very risky move in this market dominated by Android, iOS and Windows Phone promises to attack with force. But Tizen OS and OS Firefox are new bets, win or not, they have great attractions (the first being open source and the second web-based) which will give the public more options when choosing a new phone.

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