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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

Samsung Galaxy S III unusable because of problems with the motherboard

Samsung Galaxy S III unusable because of problems with the motherboard

After members of the community of XDA-Developers discovered a huge security gap in various devices Samsung, the Korean company is back in the spotlight after it was discovered a new problem that specifically affects the Samsung Galaxy S III sold between May and July. The issue is serious because your phone is like a nice paperweight after 6 months of use.

There are various forums reporting this detail that apparently is manufacturing specifically, the faulty component is nothing more and nothing less than the motherboard, after using your phone for 6 months does not matter if you have installed custom roms or root access, simply stops working.

The main problems detected users:

  • Do not switch the device.
  • Unable to enter the download mode.
  • It makes a loop to turn when logo appears.
  • In some cases allows the user to enter the download mode but not let me install anything.

The causes that cause this problem are not discovered yet exactly, is almost certainly because the motherboards that Samsung has used during the months of May, June and July are the best quality, it is far a minority of devices. In XDA-Developers identifies two affected models, the GT-i9300 and GT-i9305 (LTE version).

The problem is serious and directly affects the consumer because although at 5 months and 6 months of use, still has time for the phone to be sent to security, the problem is that after sent, delivery takes 30 to 40 days. It seems that Samsung’s strategy is to keep quiet and keep selling as ever despite all these tremendous security flaws and manufacturing errors.

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