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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in SmartPhones |

Samsung Galaxy S IV, first rumors and features

Samsung Galaxy S IV, first rumors and features

It seems that the new year awakens manufacturers and are busy preparing their new devices for CES 2013 or Mobile World Congress. Samsung is one of the most interest generated by the positive reception of its Galaxy devices so let to see that we could bring this new Galaxy S IV.

First and before moving on to the round of possible features indicate the timing is rumored to use Samsung. It appears that at CES 2013 will see some of the features. Samsung could confirm the rumors but the official presentation would be made in the Mobile World Congress in February .

And now for the technical details. According to a Korean newspaper the Samsung Galaxy S IV would screen Full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) stuck in a “very manageable” 4.99 “. It would be Super-AMOLED and chipset seems that would be a Exynos 5450 with a 4-core porcesador Cortex A-15. The camera would also improve it as it is rumored to have 13mp. We know of absurdity for the sake of adding megapixels so I would like a better performance in low light but had 8MP. We’ll see if that comes true and you offer this new camera.

On the screen of 4.99 “is said to be already in production and that is that Samsung presented at CES in January. It seems that the screen would be a PenTile pixel density of 441 per inch, one more than the HTC Droid DNA. Although we see that many pixels per inch would see that color, brightness and overall quality offers.

About the Exynos 5420 we can say that is the quad-core version of the 5250 found in the Nexus 10 . We will see that is because in principle to sweep all other chipsets but almost force us to carry spare batteries or make a thicker design of the device.

For now these are the rumors and leaked specs. Sure that between now and CES will leave many more filtering.

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