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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in SmartPhones |

Samsung Galaxy SIII available in 4 new colors

Samsung Galaxy SIII available in 4 new colors

The Samsung Galaxy SIII, smartphone spearhead the Korean company, is now available in four new colors according to a press release from Samsung. The new colors: brown amber, garnet red, black and gray titanium sapphire, are inspired by the rich materials of the earth.

With this announcement keeps the line “designed for humans” and inspired by nature, by adding these four colors to the original two in which it was available on Galaxy SIII that are white and blue marble pebble (cobble stone is a small, round by water erosion), but this latest version out soon because Samsung was not satisfied with the quality of the finish on the plastic that makes the phone.

It should be noted that not all colors are new for the red garnet was already previously available for customers of AT & T in the United States, but is now available to the general public.

Despite not being traditional colors, we think they are sober and elegant colors that surely will provide a suitable appearance for all audiences.

The reasons given by Samsung for choosing each of these colors are:

  • Amber Brown: Inspired by the mysteries of the earth and its gems (making the analogy that SIII is a precious gem)
  • Garnet Red: Inspired by garnet stone used as an amulet in ancient Egypt, who believed the stone contained protective powers.
  • Black Sapphire: Inspired by refining the dark stones used by the people of India and Persia for their protection, and strengthened the belief that the will of its owner.
  • Titanium Grey: Inspired by the gray color as a symbol of intelligence, intuition and curiosity, and expressing the sense of modernity and wisdom giving it a futuristic phone.

The color availability will vary depending on the country and the operator (operator decides which colors each purchase for each country).

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