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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in SmartPhones |

Samsung reveals the final details of the Premium Suite for Galaxy SIII

Samsung reveals the final details of the Premium Suite for Galaxy SIII

Samsung began shipping last week the last operating system Update for the Galaxy S III . In fact, we detail some of the Premium Suite enhancements most notably the ability to view two applications onscreen as in the Galaxy Note II . However, there were still several features that had not surfaced and today has posted on his blog an entry with the other additional features that come with the update.

The new features focus especially in the multimedia section and accessibility improvements. The is still the flagship of the brand to date and must provide support to satisfy its users.

In the multimedia section, has introduced three new features:

  • Paper Artist: Until now it was a unique application of the Galaxy Note II. This is an application to take pictures and edit them in focusing much on filters and effects.
  • Improved low-light scenes: If something fail on camera phones is clearly in photos taken in dark environments. This new feature promises to increase the quality of those shots with the objective that are not so dark nor so much noise.
  • Best Face: The camera phones are supplanting the compact for casual photos, is already a reality. With this feature Samsung wants our group photos out best. To do this, thanks to this new tool, allows you to take five consecutive shots to finally offer us the best choice.

In the section on accessibility have presented four new features:

  • Easy Mode: With this new feature we can establish five widgets on the home screen for the applications they use and to avoid that we have to go to the menu every time you want to open a.
  • Sound Balance: This new feature allows you to adjust the volume balance in each earpiece, right and left.
  • Setup Wizard: When you start the phone now can directly access the Accessibility menu.
  • Easy Snap Camera: This function is that the phone has the camera and tell you how many faces will be in the picture.

Remember that Samsung has unveiled the new enhancements in two parts and corresponding to first present them last week.

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