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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Features, Hardware |

Samsung Series 9, first impressions

Samsung Series 9, first impressions

Samsung continues to present its new products for this year at IFA 2012, this time he does it with a renewal of their ultrabooks with good design and performance in two models of different screen sizes, but the two maintain a line of design. The two are, how could it be otherwise at this point, with Windows 8. We told you what we found.

Series 9 13 “

It is the younger brother of the two PCs in screen size, but comes equipped with third-generation processors from Intel, Ivy Bridge i5 and i7 models, so we will take no less power. In the design we see a very thin laptop with good lines unibody design, in fact boast of being the world’s thinnest laptop and more compact, with 12.9mm and weighing 1.16kg with components tailored to meet the requirements calling the thinness of Samsung. The body, made of aluminum, gives a good feeling to the hand with a mineral finish.

Performance wise we could not expect anything less from one of the top-end PCs in 13-inch ultrabooks, taking a start from scratch in 8.4 seconds. A very good detail is the fact of using a high resolution compared to other 13-inch ultrabooks, reaching levels of Asus Zenbook with 1600×900 pixels in a HD + screen. About the battery can not say much yet, but given its extreme mobility approach not expect lower performance at 6h of actual use.

Series 9 15 “

Samsung Series 9, first impressions image 2

The older brother of the two, with a flood screen and something different to what we have seen so far, with the 15 “laptop with Windows thinner. It’s really good to see a laptop with a good screen ultrabook thicknesses.

In specifications we have something close to his younger brother 13 “, even has the same resolution of 1600×900 pixels with 400 nits of brightness and matte finish and graphics card and equipment typical in the third generation of Intel has not a dedicated, the Intel HD Graphics 4000. So the difference is in the battery, which we hope will be greater than that of his brother.

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