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Posted by on Dec 31, 2012 in Digital TV |

Samsung TV with an unprecedented shape and design

Samsung TV with an unprecedented shape and design

The is just around the corner and the marks are showing progress and to give us a little idea of the new products that teach. The already announced last week that plans to launch a new Smart Hub to its Smart TV. This would be a major upgrade that the interface would be much more intuitive. Today, however, we have found out in his blog that a new Korean Samsung TV with an unprecedented shape and design will be presented in a few days.

Not yet known just details and the new Samsung television leads to much speculation. In the picture you have shown we see a television with a vertical format. That draws much attention because so far all the videos are in landscape format and most are more than accustomed to 16:9, the format that is most similar to human vision.

In addition, through the screen is the background, which makes one wonder whether this will be a transparent model. If it were so, most users will not be very aesthetically us behind the TV because we usually have a view to the wall and / or cables. If you add to this vertical layout has to wonder what kind of people will be targeted. The answer lies in the still air.

Television is an element that has not made few changes, functionally speaking. I mean it’s always been a device to consume audiovisual content. In recent years there have been popularizing Internet connected televisions offering more connectivity and the use of some applications that need to be connected to the network at all times. However, there has been a great revolution that has featured a major change, a new concept. Samsung Will mark the first?

What will your great innovation? Just a few days away and I know I’m impatient. How do you think will be the new Samsung TV? Will it make a real change in the world of digital television?

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