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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Technology |

Samsung will not have to suspend sales of its devices in the U.S.

Samsung will not have to suspend sales of its devices in the U.S.

After he had issued the verdict that held Apple versus Samsung in the United States, has taken another step forward in favor of the Korean company, Jucy H. Koh, a U.S. judge, rejected Apple’s request to get a ban on the sale of 26 are supposedly infringed patents. So Samsung will not have to suspend sales of its devices in the United States.

only managed to ban sales of devices such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Galaxy Nexus on a temporary basis, in addition to compensation of $ 1,050 million for alleged damage to the company’s sales. Jucy Judge H. Koh, left his position at the firm if, in its opinion said that Apple does not provide sufficient evidence to prove infringement of its design patent and irreparable harm to the company.

There are no indications that could end the Apple customer base or force them out of the market as manufacturers of smartphones, the case involves lost sales, not the ability to be a competitor in the market.

It seems that with this news, Samsung relaxes before the patent war as it announced it will withdraw its legal requests to ban the sale of Apple equipment in Europe, where he had a fierce battle in courts of Germany, the UK, France, Italy and the Netherlands.

Samsung is committed to license its technology on fair and reasonable, we firmly believe that it is better if companies compete fairly in the market rather than in court.

In 2013 it will be a different battle between these two giants, we’ll see who gets to innovate and launch products more attractive to consumers, as it always should be competition, instead of entering legal situations that impede innovation. Samsung should learn Lesson: stop seeing what Apple is doing and focus on improving and developing their own products.

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