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Sandy Island, the island that appears on maps and really there

Sandy Island, the island that appears on maps and really there

In the XXI century, few areas of the world that have not yet been explored, especially when we have a large number of media and satellites to take pictures from the air or ground mapping. While services like or OpenStreetMap are updating and expanding their data constantly, overall “world map” remains the same, however, surprising that the technical capacity that we see in the maps relocate for more than 10 years as an island of Australia team of experts there .

The island in question is the Sandy Island (which is curious for which we can find in Google Maps ), a small portion of land located near the archipelago of New Caledonia (a dependent territory of France located noereste of Australia). So what’s the problem? That despite leaving on maps no one had been able to set foot on the island and, in fact, after an expedition found what is the vastness of the ocean.

Mary Seton, a researcher at the University of Sydney which was part of the failed expedition that was working for 25 days, said to be at the coordinates marked on the maps were surprised to see that the only thing they found was the ocean and a depth of 1,400 meters.

We wanted to check because the ship’s charts all we showed was a depth of 1,400 meters in the area. [...] There are many maps, like Google Earth, showing the island so we went to check and there was no island. It’s all very strange.

The big question asked by the members of this particular research is how the maps may drag this error How maps may pick an island that does not exist? The answer to these questions, for now, is not simple but the research team has proposed, on one hand, and correct the maps, on the other hand, could figure out how to insert this in the maps.

Apparently, the official cartographic maps of France (since the supposed island belong to New Caledonia) not collected and Sandy Island, commented the Hydrographic Service of Australia (which is the authority in charge of the charts) some scientific maps and Google Maps are those with the ruling that may correspond to false data that would have fit on the map as an indication that he would have copied from a third party (something like a measure to protect copyright) but not yet is clearly the source of the error.

Google, meanwhile, said that their maps are the result of the use of multiple sources that are used to verify the information though, of course, the world is constantly changing and keeping updated information is a challenge that has no end. I mean, surely, will update this singular mistake in one of their updates.

A curious case of the nonexistent Sandy Island.

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