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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Science |

Sauron: scientists they name a new species of dinosaur

Sauron: scientists they name a new species of dinosaur

Most remember the name as the famous character from The Lord of the Rings, the main antagonist of the universe created by Tolkien. Well, that name will now share it with a new species of dinosaur that lived and terrorized North Africa 95 million years ago, a creature as large as the T-Rex.

And this is a new family to a five-year study has finished naming as the famous character of the writings. The species, Sauroniops pachytholus or “eye of Sauron” in Greek, was identified from a single fossil discovered in southeastern Morocco in 2007.

A fossil that included only part of the skull, including the upper eye socket. According to Andrea Cau, leader of the study:

The idea of a predator that physically we know only by his fierce eye reminded me of Sauron, in particular the way in which they show the films of Peter Jackson. As the family of carcharodontosaur, a type of large tetrapods or two-legged carnivore, the Sauroniops probably had a long and deep skull ending in sharp teeth.

According to the analysis and comparisons of fossils skull with related species, the researchers suggest that the creature had a height of 12 meters. To Cau:

Bone Skull Sauroniops was extensive and particularly thick. This suggests that it was an animal as big as Tyrannosaurus Rex, but without more fossils similar to compare it nearly impossible to have a more accurate estimate of its size today.

In addition, the study also revealed that the fossil had a sort of small lump on his forehead, a bump distinctive to other nearby families. One feature that is believed he used to struggle with their fellows.

A new creature with designation after five years of study and analysis of the fossil. A dinosaur would have lived along the northern shores of Africa, under a warm climate and whose sustenance was based possibly in fish and crocodiles, an abundance of food in the area that would explain the large number of predatory dinosaurs.

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