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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Save to Drive, download content and store in Google Drive

Save to Drive, download content and store in Google Drive

It’s been several months since Google lanzase , its service as an evolution of storage space we had in Google Docs with the addition of having a desktop client with which convenient access to files. Another important feature of this service is, without doubt, the API that allows developers to create applications and services that use Google Drive , providing an interesting ecosystem of applications and extensions that can be found in the Chrome Web Store. Given that Google Drive is a storage service, have the ability to store downloaded content while surfing can be an interesting option, especially if you can do it directly.

If you use and want to simplify the process of downloading some files (download them to your computer to indicate that they are stored in the folder of Google Drive, or having to move them from the download folder to the Drive) use the extension to Save Drive you could serve helpful.

What gives us Save to Drive? This extension can store images directly in Google Drive, audio and video in HTML5 (flash is not supported) and links that we find on the net. In the same way that positioning your mouse over an image and would click the right mouse button to activate the menu and select “Save Image As”, for example, if you have installed this extension we see a new menu entry called “Save Image Google Drive “that directly stored in the root of our storage space on Google.

Also something we can do with the links that we find even in the case of a link to a page, the extension stores the HTML of fate, however, if we find any link to download (PDF document, an archive, etc) yes that is stored directly in Google Drive.

The extension does not require configuration and although it might seem a good light, no option to set a destination folder downloads and everything is left in the root, so we’ll have to go sorting the files manually. Aside from this detail, the extension is quite interesting and a good resource if you use Google actively Drive.

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