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Save to Drive, Drive official Google extension for Chrome

Save to Drive, Drive official Google extension for Chrome

Been a few months since the launch of , storage service in the cloud of Google, and the ecosystem of applications , services and extensions for Chrome that use is already quite extensive. Despite the renewal of Google Apps Drive , drew attention that Google had not released any application or extension for Chrome that would allow us to use this storage space beyond offer direct access from the panel Chrome applications, a fact Google solves that with the release of the extension Save to Drive .

Save to Drive?? Is not there already this extension in the Chrome Web Store? Indeed, in the Chrome Web Store can find an extension called equal and also allows us to store the content that we find on the web directly in Google Drive. The difference between an extension and another extension is that this is now been incorporated into the vast library of extensions Chrome has been developed directly by Google.

This extension can store in our space in Google Drive an image that we are interested in a particular web page, the HTML of a page we are visiting, the full-page file (stored in MHT format) or an image in PNG format to capture an entire web page. Perhaps, at first glance, the options offered by this extension may seem rather sparse and, in fact, capture an entire web page is something that Google offered us since spread Screen Capture .

Save to Drive, Drive official Google extension for Chrome image 2

While the number of options is limited, in my opinion, the extension is an interesting complement to take advantage of Google Drive and concentrate there, for example, that we find resources on the network that we want to keep (images of web pages visited).

Indeed, from the hand of this extension, Google has decided to give more play to Google Drive on the treatment of images is concerned. Google Drive team has decided to improve the image viewer allowing users to zoom and also introduced the ability to add comments to images in a very particular way.

Save to Drive, Drive official Google extension for Chrome image 3

The user can select areas of the image (using a grid) and add comments to this fragment, something that added to the possibility of sharing with others opens the door, for example, to work with images from a visit to a work or sketch of a design and discuss improvements or misprints working collaboratively.

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