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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Mobile |

Scan Master, a document scanner for Android

Scan Master, a document scanner for Android

Tablets and smartphones have become the center of operations for many professionals who, little by little, have been relegated to the laptop background and mobile devices have chosen to attend meetings, connect to corporate applications while traveling out or, for example, a visit to a work. In the case of Android, and iOS, we can find applications for almost anything and, increasingly, the complexity and functionality of these is increasing with more and more possibilities. The cameras, for example, have improved in performance and also to allow us get better and better photos, it can also be the basis of image recognition applications (remember that Google Translate can translate text captured by the camera) and eg , turn a tablet or a phone in a document scanner .

Scan Master is an interesting application for Android devices (devices can be installed from Android 2.2) which makes our terminal in a document scanner in which we took the device’s camera to take pictures of it, do a little editing and generate PDF files from scanned documents that have (so as singular).

Given that the application is free, in my opinion, it’s worth taking a look at the application because we can draw from the odd predicament. The idea is simple, take a photo of the document, select “scan portion” (removing a piece of the table you have left in the picture or a piece that does not want to leave), adjust some parameters (contrast, brightness, etc. ) and store the image in the gallery of the application documents. Once we have obtained several documents (for example, scan a multipage document) can unite all these shards under a single PDF file that we can upload to Dropbox or mail.

The application, truth, works well and is easy to use, personally I find it useful because on more than one occasion I have taken pictures with mobile document because there was no way for you to get a copy.