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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Science, Technology |

Scientists Create a bottle that is filled with water alone

Scientists Create a bottle that is filled with water alone

In the Namib Desert beetle lives a very special, an insect that lives in an area where it rains just a year, so it has developed the ability to extract 12% of its weight in from the air to quench their thirst. This concept has been used by the company NBD Nano to create a device, a water bottle that is filled with liquid from the air and he hopes to bring to market in 2014.

And is that the beetle up each morning to the top of a dune standing against the wind and being able to condense water in the hydrophilic areas of your back. Eventually, the water is able to flow to a storage area in the beetle.

Deckard Sorenson, co-founder of NBD Nano, wanted to imitate nature. He has developed a number of layers on a surface with hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings, using a fan to pass air over the surface to finally achieve obtaining water condensing. An idea has been completed in the design of a bottle that is filled with water by itself automatic filling. According Sorenson:

We use to mimic the beetle so that we too can pull water from the air. We see that this solution is applicable to everything from marathon runners to people in third world countries, because we know that water is an important issue in the world today, and because we want to try to alleviate those problems with a cost- -efficient. We are trying to incorporate this into greenhouses in the immediate future, and later, we are looking to expand where it can really, perhaps to supply in large farms and farmland.

According Sorensen technology does not require a lot of energy, the company talks about solar cells and rechargeable batteries as means to the operation. This would mean that the device could be attached to vehicles, buildings or even ourselves, and yet would be able to capture the energy required to move the air supply on the surface.

A technology that if confirmed would be a revolution. Sorenson himself said that there are millions of gallons of water into the air, an untapped resource scale. A “source” that could supply in third world countries where it is scarce.

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