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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Internet, Security |

Scientists show that most BitTorrent users are monitored

Scientists show that most BitTorrent users are monitored

A group of scientists from the University of Birmingham has conducted a research for over three years. The result, announced these days, is that the and files are monitored within hours . Anyone using P2P to download any music file or recent films is likely to have been monitored.

And is that the study conducted by computer scientists indicates that copyrighted files that are shared are recorded by a company within a maximum of three hours. A surprising oversight scale for researchers.

And for what? Obviously think that companies and copyright holders are behind this type of to take action against illegal downloads.

The three-year investigation was conducted by the creation of software that acted as a BitTorrent client for file sharing, a tool that simultaneously recorded all connections made to it.

Not only that. The records eventually revealing that monitoring does not distinguish between types of discharge, both “legal” and “illegal”. According to Tom Chothia, principal investigator of the research:

You do not have to be a user of mass discharge. Someone also download a single movie is recorded. If the content is within the top 100 will be monitored within hours. The system will detect it and burn it.

The researchers also say that less popular files are also recorded less frequently. In addition, the study identified over about 10 different companies trace log content.

Of these, four were identified as organizations related to copyright, security companies or research laboratories. The remaining six were difficult to identify, since apparently the companies behind them using third-party hosting companies to run the search for them.

According Chothia:

Many companies believe that using these data simply as analysis. Monitoring is easy to perform and the data can be used for future. The data clearly show what the contents are and where you are popular.

Research also indicates that not even block lists that are usually used in BitTorrent to avoid monitorings are effective against this type of monitoring.

Monitoring and surveillance to BitTorrent with many users end up being reported to the warning of legal action or the famous letters seeking a reward for not end up in court.

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