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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Economy and Business, Technology |

Scott Forstall is leaving Apple in 2013

Scott Forstall is leaving Apple in 2013

Apple has made official a few minutes ago: Scott Forstall, vice president of iOS, is leaving the company in 2013 . In a statement, announced that Forstall leaves office next year, to become advisor to Tim Cook. Scott has been under a lot of pressure from the media in recent months, especially after the problem had 6 with the launch of Maps , being identified as responsible for the failure of the application.

Apple has also said it will give more responsibilities to others. First, Jony Ive added to their work area address human-computer interface, in addition to retain his position as head of industrial design. Eddy Cue who will inherit the responsibility of Siri and maps; certainly one that has Tiger raffle drawn within the company. The plan is to add to both products within the same group that concentrates the App Store, the iTunes Store, the iBookstore, and iCloud.

Leading the division is Craig Federighi iOS, already is the lead developer of Mac OS X. This is a very interesting movement. If we spoke a iosificaciƃ³n desktop operating system of Apple-signal Forstall undeniable influence in the company, now is the desktop software captain who must make decisions on the moving part. Regardless of the implementations that do, talk a lot of integration that Apple has in mind for both categories in the same direction.

Besides Forstall, another march that Apple is John Browett, who was the vice president of retail distribution (retail); basically, who was in charge of seeing that the products reach the retail outlets of the company. Still no name for that team responsible, so Apple has said that the area will respond directly to Cook.

No doubt Forstall output surprises the world of technology, especially since unleashes speculation. In a year or so, Scott went from being one of the names to fill the chair of CEO of Apple , one of its most criticized after mapsgate. What is certain is that, although the announcement is steep, do not think that has not happened before Forstall’s mind, especially since mid-year sold 95% of its shares .

Now come many questions, but there are some that stand out: first, where you will see next: in another company, as an independent? Two, is it the same iOS without your work? And certainly the one that has to roam around the intrigue lovers: Maps cost him the job or just stepped aside? Was there an agreement or friction involved? Go Apple has released a pump.

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