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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Windows |

Screen capture apps for Windows

Screen capture apps for Windows

One of the most basic things that differentiates Windows Mac OS X is the ease with which we have to make screenshots. At first, I was amazed (but let’s admit it, not everyone has the same need to constantly make screenshots, so not a differential value, but it is a detail to consider). In Windows we have the nefarious Print Screen button that always has to be combined with other software to select only part of the screen that interests us. What other programs can use to capture the screen in a more professional in Windows?


SnagIt is a very complete suite that works well for Windows. It allows us to take snapshots of an entire web page-with-scroll, add text boxes, effects, organize catches through a tagging system, and share our catches through email, social networking, and more. Finally, also has functionality to create video captured from the same screen, ideal for creating tutorials. Although it seems that the video can become locked while we’re recording. SnagIt has a variety of uses, we can install both on our computer work and in our personal PC, because it is a very versatile program. We can download the Free Trial to test it, and then will cost $ 49.95.


This program is a lightweight and easy to use, and allows us to take screenshots of any part of the screen, which can then be stored in the clipboard. Captureur is very easy to activate with a single-click the icon, and not consume too many resources of the computer, so you can always stop running in case we need it. It has an auto-save option so we need not go wasting your time choosing where we want to be saved screenshots. Catches can be stored in different formats.

Mr Captor

It is a complete suite of different options that can be useful depending on your needs. For example, with Mr Captor can capture rectangular, elliptical, and custom select exactly the parts of the screen you want to capture, grow large parts of the screen, capture window groups, extract images from different programs, capture screens one-timer at different times of day, and supports multiple formats. It also has a built-in editor to adjust things like brightness, rotation, colors, and even add some effects without having to use a parallel software like Photoshop.


ScreenHunter lets you create screenshots quickly, and has paid and free versions depending on the type of use that we give the program-for example, a corporate use. One of its advantages is the ease of use, it can create screenshots in a few steps and do not consume too many resources of the machine. Through a single button you can capture the screen sections we want and store them automatically. While the free version is stripped of all the most professional and advanced features of the paid versions, it is still a very effective tool that can be deployed for quick fixes.


Cropper is a freeware utility that is very light and very simple to use. It can be used to capture text and images on the web. Differential value lies in the ability to customize the program through plugins developed by the user community. That and, of course, which is free, so you should not have to upgrade your account to enjoy the full program or anything like that.