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Scribble Maps: Google Maps adds annotations and share them with your friends

Scribble Maps: Google Maps adds annotations and share them with your friends

Google Maps is, without doubt, one of the services of used by most users to plan their routes, or locate a place to look for a virtual zone that will move (thanks to photos from Street View) . In addition to satellite images, photos at street or traffic information, route planner we can take more than one cable to the planning of a shift (either on foot, by bike, by car or even in transit), however, beyond being able to alter the routes, the customization of the information shown on the maps is quite limited.

If we wanted to draw such a path by hand, we would have to alter that Google Maps offers between locations but if we annotate or export the information, for example, a GPS navigator, the task is much more complicated. One way to perform this type of action is using a service called Scribble Maps (which is also present in the form of application for Google Chrome ) with which we can hand draw routes on Google Maps, customize bookmarks, add annotations or images and export all the information on our website or, for example, a GPS navigator.

Scribble Maps is an application running on Google Maps and other mapping and geolocation services like OpenStreetMap , ESRI or CloudMade , with which we can modify the maps (without resorting to an image editing application) and share all information in image form, as an object to be inserted into a website, circulate among our Facebook contacts, export it as a KML layer for Google Earth or GPX file for a GPS (since all our modifications are stored as a layer superimposed on the reference map).

The application is simple to use and very intuitive, so no one should find no entry barrier for use (especially if you are used to working with Google Maps or Google Earth) although it is important to note that the maps we believe, by default, will be public and will be accessible from the service index (or from your browser). In addition, we can also check for a file that we generate maps and go to update or enter retrieving any modifications.

Given the ease of use and the service is free, the truth is worth having in favorites or install the Google Chrome application if we usually work with or are given maps to plan our trips with these tools.

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