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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Social Networks, Web 2.0 | identify application security threats on Facebook identify application security threats on Facebook

Yes, we all know, before you install an application, tells you things you can do undesirable if you authorize the app (publish on your behalf, to access your personal data), but unfortunately at that time what you want is Angry Birds installed sooner and get to play. The truth is that they’re willing to see your personal information, as after all they let you play for free. Then you click OK and allow unread too … And when you want to realize your Facebook is a well of personal information for all testing, a list can be quite long for which we take many hours on the Internet.

Especially outside our control are those pages for children or parents who accept such applications are sent other friends. At the end of the day only use Facebook in a more recreational and not aware of the implications of the application permits, and as this is a network, it also ends up affecting their contacts, ie us. is a company dedicated to monitor the activity of users and applications on Facebook, and we can provide some clues to when analyzing our profile or another person (such as our children) and indicate where they can be those black dots on the and privacy of the data we have online.

To do this you have to enter the website , adding Facebook (or your child) for this service to the analysis. tell you what personal data are too exposed and how you should configure them, what kind of threats to privacy are in your posts and your contacts, plus other data such as power trending topics and posts. It has a section devoted to photos that tracks pictures of you that may have been uploaded to Facebook by others, but does not offer much information. Also tell us why our posts or our contacts are “questionable”, which probably sounds exaggerated but you can get on the track of how best to manage them accordingly.

How to know how secure an application on Facebook identify application security threats on Facebook image 2

After analyzing 500,000 applications and 50 million users (figures given by have built the App Security Network , a search engine where you can see three types of security data from any application:

  • Permissions: query data that application and what activities performed both in profile and in the network of friends
  • App Behavior: Describe the behavior of the application, for example if you are sending messages to our contacts or if you are publishing information on our behalf. It also warns if the apps have information unsuitable for minors.
  • User Rating: A rating with data drawn from the experiences of users of the applications. identify application security threats on Facebook image 3

In addition to consulting via web, have extensions available for Chrome and Firefox , which at the time of insecurity when installing an application we provide information on the reliability of it and the company that we are given access to our Facebook profile in two ways: through notifications when we are about to install, or within your Facebook page, or other pages while surfing the Internet. identify application security threats on Facebook image 4

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