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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Security Error in Facebook: what happened and how to fix it

Security Error in Facebook: what happened and how to fix it

Fears of social safety nets are a thing of every day. There are several threats and vulnerabilities in each of the networks we use, but generally we can solve problems from our responsibility as users, controlling which applications to which we give permission and who has access to our personal information. On Facebook, this is even more marked. But one of the last bastions of social safety nets, private messages, also fell victim to a system error, which reawakens the paranoia about security.

This is not the first time that faced problems in this regard. Since the birth of the social network Mark Zuckerberg users have put the outcry due to privacy issues, which fortunately the company has solved relatively quickly. However, the threats are constant – who would not want to attack one of the largest databases in the world? – And this time, Facebook users have learned that many of your private messages were published in his unauthorized Timeline . Something like the worst nightmare of many people.

For more details, this flaw affects private messages written in the years 2007, 2008 and 2009, with some cases in 2011. If not already done so, take the opportunity to review these dates on your Timeline. Since Facebook is denying everything and claiming that these publications were already fully visible, and that users are wrong. A somewhat strange move, given that these allegations do not seem orchestrated. According to Facebook, there was no security breach. However, since FACUA-Consumers in Action, is already brewing a complaint with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD) so they are calling a “shocking security hole” .

Who should we believe? For this it is a personal matter, but for my part I know too well the accidental errors that may have Facebook and they are all an issue. Now we must know how to fix this problem, if we have it. Fundamentally, these messages are private but somehow ended up being released. If you want them to be removed, just have to select the cross in the upper right corner of the post box and select the Delete option, as it would any other publication we have done.

Now, all this is perfect but again begs the question how sure we are using a service like Facebook, which is proving to be constantly vulnerable. We have spoken repeatedly about the security in social networks, but it never hurts to refresh these tips:

  • Improve our password: JJ and we talked about how to improve the strength of our password , but as a quick tip, never hurts to change it so assiduously and do a combination of characters and numbers to make it very difficult to guess through social engineering .
  • Regular applications: one of the greatest dangers that can be found on Facebook are applications. We can not realize and give permissions. In the Privacy Settings can find all access the apps.
  • Revise Privacy Settings: This section of Facebook is critical to know who is watching what on our profile. It tells us how we connect with our friends, how we can customize the labeling process control applications, as we said, and this is critical for users of Timeline, how to limit access to our previous publications.
  • Delete private messages: if we send a message in 2007, the chances are that we need not use it anymore, unless you have a certain emotional value. But if it does, take this security flaw to delete our Facebook account, and why not tweet, all you need not. And, of course, may be embarrassing.

Finally, to close, we recommend our articles with tips to improve our privacy in social networks , and to improve safety at Twitter , a relatively new network but has already managed to have more vulnerabilities than Facebook.

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