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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Mobile |

Send It to Android, anything sent to any phone

Send It to Android, anything sent to any phone

If we look at our history with computers at the user level, it is not difficult to realize that as the years have passed Internet has become one of the stars of our time with them, something that has affected you end up using it not only at home but anywhere thanks to smartphones and other devices. Leisure has become one of the undisputed leaders of our time online, and today we can consume virtually any web content, either on its own initiative or on the recommendation of friends and acquaintances.

Why social networks have the major role. Not only do we connect with our contacts, but they allow us to have a broader experience sharing videos, songs or photos, something that again we do through any device and from anywhere. So sharing is so important, and take a picture and the minute the are enjoying all of our friends is something that is the order of the day.

WhatsApp?? LINE?? Does Gmail email? Dropbox? Perhaps? All services are excellent and valid means to achieve the objective of getting documents to our contacts. The problem is that sometimes we can not be sure what services you use certain contact, directly or ignore it. So Send It can be a very good idea: This is a service that allows sending content through Google Drive to any contact, provided we know your mobile phone number.

The idea and operation are very simple. Just have an Android phone, the system running the application, and use it as one of the applications that appear on the menu of other apps that we have installed, such as image gallery system itself. will automatically be associated with your Google account Drive-the main account, if you have several, to upload the file for us automatically, and then send a link with the same telephone number you have selected .

When the recipient receives the SMS text message, which can be done even with phones of the last century, it is sufficient to use the information in the browser of the moment: Any smartphone, whether it be Android, iOS or Windows Phone, you will be able to launch the browser and download the document in question, regardless of the type of it.

A small great idea that is also complemented with the ability to copy the link to the file directly to the clipboard, which is extremely useful if we do know that our partner uses such a courier, or e-mail: send suffice the link and likewise may download content.

The automatic association with Google Drive makes this application a very good option to add to the menu of sharing our terminal and can also be easily identified all content to send, as it will create a folder called Send It on the service Google. Who could ask for more? In the paid version , no, but that you will have to opteis free by send documetnos conformaros with maximum 10mb in size, I’m afraid.

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